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I know what you're probably thinking... OH MY GEE- FINALLY! Yea, sorry about the wait. I was having some emotional problems and couldn't bring myself to write... But anyways, hopefully, it will be worth the wait!!(: Enjoy ^-^

Being related to someone extremely famous… It’s not very fun. Trust me. I’m Hozzie Nicole Iero. Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance is my brother. So let’s get one thing straight. No, I am nothing like my brother. He’s outgoing, and suuuuper friendly. I don’t think that boy has an ounce of shyness in him. Which is why he is NOTHING like me, the shy, quiet girl with no friends.

I also don’t like publicity. Most of my friends only act like the like me so they can meet him. And when the see him, they pretty much fangasim on the spot and follow him around like stalkers the rest of the time that they’re there. So that’s why I pretty much avoid people now. I slink around in school, trying to be as anti-social as I can be. It’s not fun, that’s for sure.

So when Frank invited me along on tour, I certainly had to think about it. So many people… That was my first thought. And, being the little sister of him, certainly puts me in danger. Crazy stalkers, crazy fangirls. Fanguys. God, where do I start? But, I knew I could trust Frankie and his band members.

Frank’s super protective of me, so he will pretty much be attached to me at the hip. And the others, well, I’ve known them my whole life, so they’re pretty much the same as Frank. But in the end, I accepted his offer, excited to miss school.

It’s not like anyone would notice I was gone. So now, I stand in my room, making sure I have everything packed. I’m not gonna lie, I’m scared shitless. Fans are probably gonna be stalking the boys, which means me to. Great. Fangirls. Oh how I hate them.

“Your brother is suuuuch a sex god.” My last ‘friend’ told me before we got in a huge fight. They sicken me. Not to mention, they make all the guys look like pedophiles, seeing as half of them are only in their early teens, and the boys are in their twenties.

I pick up my suitcase, glancing in the mirror one last time. Most people wonder how me and Frank are related, and I mean, I don’t blame them. I wonder the same thing myself. My long, straight brown hair hangs in my face, the fringe being a little too long. And my purple highlights are pretty much totally faded by now.

One things for certain though, the only thing we share is our heights. Both short and skinny as hell. “Hozzie! Hurry up!” Frank shouts from downstairs. I turn off my light, hurrying down the stairs. Nothing good ever comes out of darkness. Nothing.


“Gee! Where’s my coffee?” It’s sad that that’s what wake me up from my sleep at 6 in the morning. It’s Mikey of course. I mean, who else would it be? I roll out of the small bed, standing up and gazing around the tiny room I have to share with Frankie.

I hate this tour bus, I truly do. It’s the second day on the road, and I am seriously tired. I stayed up pretty much all last night talking to Mikey. That kid just doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. I push the door open, slipping out and into the kitchen.

“Mikey. Your coffee is not that important that you need to yell and wake everyone up.” I tell him sternly. He turns around, narrowing his eyes at me. “My coffee is VERY important thank you.” He pouts. I roll my eyes and grab a pop-tart, heading over to the couch and sitting next to Frank.

“Hey baby sis.” He says, his eyes never leaving the paper in his hand. “Tell Mikey that he needs to shut the hell up in the morning.” I say. Frank chuckles, looking at me. “You won’t really get any sleep around here. Sorry.” He says, standing up and walking away. I just sigh, shoving the food into my mouth and stretching across the tiny couch.

“Excuse me, but other people like to sit too.” Someone says a few moments later. I open one eye, coming face to face with Gerard. He has his hand on his hip and looks pretty tired. His string raven hair hangs in his face. “Sorry, Gee.” I mumble, sitting up. He sighs, sliding in next to me and pulls out his sketch book. He flips to a blank page, and ready’s his pencil.

He seems to think for a moment, then starts drawing lines and such. When he’s not looking, I peek over his shoulder, knowing that I’m probably going to get yelled at for it, but not caring. I stifle a gasp at what I see. It’s a beautiful picture of, none other than, my brother.
“Hozzie!” Gerard yelps, shoving me away and covering up his book. I flop on the floor, but sit up quickly. “Was that a picture of-” I start to say, but he puts a hand on my mouth quickly, shushing me. “Hozzie, shut up!” He hisses. I roll my eyes.

They both have crushes on each other, and it’s starting to piss me off. They’re so painfully obvious. I pull his hand off my mouth standing up. “Just tell him already.” I mumble softly. Gerard glares at me as I walk away. Why did I agree to come with Frankie again? Right, so I could miss school.

I go back to the tiny room, and dress quickly, pulling on some skinny jeans and an MCR t-shirt. I walk out, opening the bus door. “Frankie, I’m going out!” I shout, stepping into the harsh light. “Wait! Hozzie, someone needs to come with you!” He shouts back, running toward the door. I sigh, slamming it shut. He’s so overprotective. I’m not a baby anymore.

I glance around, trying to figure out where we are. No clue. I walk around town, trying to hide my face as much as possible. But, as soon as I head into the Starbucks, I get swamped by fangirls. “Like, oh my god, your that super-hot guy Frank Iero’s little sister, right?” A tall, slim blonde one says.

I sigh, trying to push through the mob. One grabs my arm, yanking me back. “Puleaseeee be my bestfriend!” A tiny redhead says. I yank my arm away, and push through the door, sprinting back to the bus. The follow me of course, screaming things like- “I want to have your brother’s babies!” and “Please let me rape your brother!” I ignore them, running faster.

As soon as I reach the area that we parked the bus, I yank the door open, slip inside, and slam the door behind me. I lock it, just to be sure. “Shiiiit.” I mutter, walking up the stairs, tears slipping out of my eyes. Frank pretty much jumps on me.

“Hozzie! Dammit, I was so worried. Wait… what the hell happened?” He asks, finally noticing my panting. I brush him off, and go to the tiny room. I flop on the bed. “Dude, she’s related to you, she probably got jumped by fangirls. What do you expect?” I hear Gee tell Frankie. I sigh, closing my eyes and falling into a deep sleep.


I wake up to the usual sounds of the guys getting ready. Frank is standing in the tiny room, with nothing but boxers on. “Ugh, my eyes!” I squeal dramatically. Frank rolls his eyes, trying to yank a super tight pair of skinny jeans past his ass.

“You’re gonna cut off your circulation.” I mumble. He laughs, “I don’t care. They make my ass look pretty damn hot.” I scoff, and roll over, trying to fall back asleep. “Alright, you can stay here. But don’t leave the bus.” Frank says, walking out of the door. I sigh. Stupid. “I’m not a freaking baby.” I mumble, falling asleep.


I wake up with tape over my mouth. “Mhphhph!!!” I scream, trying to claw at it. But sadly, my hands are tied behind my back. What the fuck…? What is going on. That’s when I relieze that I’m in the dark. I squeeze my eyes tight, hoping that I will wake up from this nightmare.
The dark is pretty much the one thing in the whole world that I’m afraid of. I whimper softly. “Oh. You’re awake…” A peppy voice says. I open my eyes and am blinded by the light. The sweet, beautiful light. I manage to clear my vision enough to look at the person standing in front of me. A blond, fake Barbie girl. Yippie.

“Mphhhm!!!” I scream. More mumble… but whatever. She laughs, tossing her long hair over her shoulder. She blinks innocently at me, her baby blue eyes shimmering. “I loooove your brother, not the band, just your brother. I mean, he’s soooo hot, who wouldn’t? So once he gets the note I left for him after the concert, he’ll come to save his poor, helpless little sister.” She pouts when she says the last line, talking a baby voice. I groan.

“But what he doesn’t know is, he doesn’t get you back until he does exactly as I say.” She says, grinning. I gag. The girl narrows her eyes and walks over to me, yanking the tape off my mouth. I yelp in pain. “Ouch! Damn, what’s your problem?” I exclaim. She snorts. “Nothing, gothy. So, my name’s Cici, BTW.” Cici rants on.

I look around, taking in my surroundings. A seriously girly, pink room. She giggles, flopping on her bed. “He’s gonna love me!” She exclaim, applying more lip-gloss. She smacks her lips loudly. I scoff. “You’re such a stupid skank.” I says. She smacks me across the face very hard.

“DON’T CALL ME THAT!” She screams in my face. I laugh. “Sweetie, the truth hurts.” I snicker, sticking my tongue out. Right as I say that, the door bursts open. Frank is standing there, panting hardly. “Frankie, baby, I knew you would come for me!” Cici exclaim, running toward him, her skirt barely covering her ass.
Frank grabs her arm, jerking her against the wall. “Give.Me.My.Sister.Back.” He says, hatred dripping off every single word. She giggles, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Oh I will. If you do what I want that is.” I start to cry.

Frank stays silent for a moment. “Fine. What the hell do you want?” He hisses. Cici smiles again, pulling his face closer. “Oh Frankie… I want what every other ‘fangirl’ wants. To be screwed by you. So that’s what you’re gonna do. Okay?” She says. Frank sighs. “I’m sorry Frankie… I am so freaking sorry…” I sob. He looks at me.

“Hozzie, it was not your fault. At all.” He says. He looks at Cici. “Okay. Let’s get this the hell over with.” And with that, he kisses her, shoving her toward the bed. I close my eyes, squeezing them shut tightly. Luckily, before things get too far, someone else appears in the doorway. It’s Gerard.

“Gee! Oh god thank you!” I sob, shaking from fear. Frank jumps away from Cici, grabbing his shirt and redoing his belt. She sits up, flicking her hair over her shoulder. “Whatever. He was a bad kisser anyways.” She says snidely, walking into another room in her small apartment. Frank rushes over to me, untying me. Once he’s done, he wraps me in a hug, me sobbing into his arms.

“Frankieeee… I was so scared!” I cry. “I know… But it’s okay now…” He whispers, stroking my hair. “Frankie… I love you.” I say, hugging him tightly. “I love you too, Hozzie.” He says simply, hugging me back.

Awwww... Such sibling love... x3 So, I sorta strayed with the personality, and sorry about that... It sorta had to be like that for everything to work. But, hopefully, you liked it anyways ^-^
~Cassie Raye
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