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Personalized Stories

(#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-08-23

Name: Ri Elise Baker

Age: 18

Your character's looks and personality: Has long, dark red, curly hair. Hazel eyes. Pale. Small nose ring. Quiet, shy. Witty. Comes up with FANTASTIC one-liners.

Your character's dislikes and likes: Likes candy canes, her best friends, music, reading and platypuses. Hates trumpets, sushi, tea and anyone giving her friends a hard time.

Band(s) you want: BVB and Green Day

Genre of one-shot you would like: Humor, slight Romance

Plotline: So. Ri is best friends with BVB, yeah? She's got a massive crush on Billie Joe Armstrong, and Andy doesn't like it. (See, he likes Ri, too.) The rest of the band are tired of hearing her ramble on endlessly about BJ and end up shoving her and BJ in a dark closet together. BJ tells Ri that he likes her, Ri blushes, then they kiss. One moan escapes and the BVB guys are like "... THE FUCK"

Pairings (optional): Billie Joe Armstrong/Ri?