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Personalized Stories

(#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-08-23

Penina has taught me to be a oneshot whore. DUN KILL ME! And screw it- I like Killjoys so I sorta wanna do a Killjoy one. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! My girlfriend would be terribly upset if I died.

Name: Alice Amy Armstrong

Killjoy name (if you want a Killjoy one-shot): Dead Belfry

Age: 23

Your character's looks and personality: Short, spiky white-blond hair with blue, green, red and black streaks in it. Ice blue eyes. Tall (6"2). Has 'DIRTY LIAR' tattooed on her wrist, and 'HEART OF TREASON' in a heart on her chest, right over her heart. Personality: snappy, rude, witty, sarcastic.

Your character's dislikes and likes: Likes shooting Dracs, her quad bike and yeah.

Band(s) you want: MCR.

Genre of one-shot you would like: Uh.. Drama, Romance-ish thing?

Plotline: So, Belfry is out on her quad bike one day. She happens to ride near the Trans-Am and they all shoot at her. She, being the rude twit that she is, shoots back and has a total WTF moment. She rides up real close and looks at them. She flips them off then realizes that hey, Party's actually really cute. She stands in front of them, makes them stop, apologizes, then they travel together and later, while everyone's at dinner, Party kisses her. Yeah.

Pairings (optional): Party Poison/Dead Belfry

Thank you so much for putting up with me :)