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Personalized Stories

(#) ZombieSlayer13x 2012-08-23

Yay! I'm actually addicted to reading AND writing these haha.

Name: Alexandria Wong

Age: 28

Looks: Asian, jet black hair with layers and a side bang over her right eye, and almond shaped brown eyes. She's only 5' 2" tall with average weight. She has a slim waist but a bit of a bulkier upper body (e.g. bigger bust/rib cage, broad shoulders, you know).

Personality: Intelligent, caring, loyal, optimistic, witty, sarcastic, creative, musical, artsy, strong-willed, nice to people she likes, patient, manipulative when it comes to criminals

Your character's dislikes and likes: Likes: Reading, writing, artsy things, talking to people, playing music, listening to music

Dislikes: Incompetent people, deadlines and schedules, and snobby people.

Band(s) you want: My Chemical Romance :P

Genre of one-shot you would like: Romance/drama/horror

Plotline: Alex is a criminal profiler for the BAU (ever watch Criminal Minds? Yeah like that). One day she gets assigned the job of interviewing a criminal on death row. They want her to see if she can make him reveal the hiding place of his last body before he's executed. That criminal is Frank. You can make up what he's in the slammer for.

Down the line things get tricky when he keeps manipulating her feelings and shamelessly flirting. She has to cope with it, eventually giving in.

Pairings (optional): My OC and Frank if you don't mind blushes it feels so awkward asking lol

Thanks so much and good luck with the rest!! :D