Review for Personalized Stories

Personalized Stories

(#) CyanideSuicide 2012-08-23

Name: Mazy Hardell

Killjoy name (if you want a Killjoy one-shot): CyanideSuicide


Your character's looks and personality: teal pixie cut with black chunks, 5ft7, olive skin, one green one blue eye, slim, clever, very observant, kind, likes to pull pranks.

Your character's dislikes and likes:likes animals, music, comic books, art, dislikes, spiders

Band(s) you want:MCR

Genre of one-shot you would like:Romance, Humor

Plotline:Party Poison has a major crush on her like almost obsessive. And one in the desert Mazy finds a baby girl and names her pandora, Gerard sees his chance to spend more time with her and volunteers to help take care of pandora with mazy. While taking care of they fall in love and kiss.

Pairings (optional):Gerard/OC
Can't wait to read all the one shots :)