Review for How MCR Saved My Life: Hozzie

How MCR Saved My Life: Hozzie

(#) tmbfucks 2012-08-27

Honestly, I love you even more now! I love how open people are about their lives on here. I would do one of the How MCR Saved My Life things, but that's what Life Story is all about, I'm rewriting it though, but still. Which lyric made you think it was the pie song by the way? That's adorable! :') xx

Author's response

"And I know, there's nothing I can say, to change that PIE." I was only little and my sister didn't correct me so I carried on singing that and she'd sing it like that too :') I'm pretty she explained it to me when I asked "Why is he singing about pie?" but I can't remember what she said :L

And aww man thanks :')

Love Hozzie