Review for Just stop, please, don't ever stop.

Just stop, please, don't ever stop.

(#) M_Courtney_R 2012-08-29

This is amazing, your an awesome writer. This is one hel of a love triangle they have going on. Gerard. Frank. Mikey.

I want Frerard. But stupid Gerard had to go and tell Frankie to leave, they could of worked something out!

Author's response

Aw, thank you. Means a lot, I literally spent 24 hours on this chapter, screwing up my sleeping habits even further.

I just find the triangle amusing, confusing and slightly unsettling and I'm the author. Oh dear.

Yeah, Gerard does things normal Gerard would never do when he's angry. You don't want to see him angry.

Honestly, I changed this story so much from its original plot line. I don't know. It was originally supposed to end with Frikey and Gerard letting them love. But now, I have no freaking idea AND I scrapped the other sets of chapters leading up to their endings. One was a Frerard ending. One was a Frikey ending. One was a tragedy. One someone died and the alternate ending to the original plot was when they all mutually agreed to stay away from each and Mikey became a porn star, Frank a rock star, Gerard got his own comic book.

Yeah, I'm not doing any of that. So..... Yeah

This story was originally supposed to be smut filled. So I could get better at it and more comfortable. But... nooo. I had to develop the plot more and shit. Damnit.