Review for Valerie In Underland

Valerie In Underland

(#) NoWaitILied 2012-09-01

NUHHHH DUN DIE. NO DON'T DIE AND DON'T CRY EITHER. 'MKAY? And pfft. Really? :3 aaand. When you said about being able to hear yourself blink, I tried it and omfg I can actualy hear it. So yeah. But.. Wasn't that kinda random to mention? :D :3 ah well, nevermind :3
- xoxo Amy Lee.
..... Pfft. As if. I wish.
Okay, really now.. Xoxo H; the flying non flying insane gay Dalek from the intensive care section in the Asylum of the Daleks.
Your insane gay Dalek.