Review for AUDITIONS!!! :D


(#) ColorfulShadow 2012-09-01

Even though I'm auditioning as myself, I'm saying it in third person

Name: Jasmine Price

Age: 16

Looks- First, I will describe and then show you a picture to help :)

Hair: long and straight. Goes to the middle of her back. It is layered, and she have side swept bangs to the right. The color is dark brown with dirty blonde highlights.

Eyes: Chocolate brown. Thet give her the innocent look.

Skin: Pale/tan

Now here is a picture of me to help:

Personality: very shy once you first meet her, but once you get to know her you learn that she is very hyper and probably a little mental. Giggly. A mastermind at comedy and always makes people laugh. Sarcastic. Crazy. Creepy sometimes. Strange. Not very good at art. Very good at piano and singing ;)
She always has ideas popping in her mind. She is very sneaky. She gets out of trouble easily because of her innocent look. Creative with words. Has good comebacks. A heavy sleeper. And a party animal.

Anything else: has a huge scar up her back. Calls sluts Nicki Minaj's ass and jerks swaggerina's. Loves roses. And she will scream if she never gets her way.

Boyfriend/girlfriend: nooooooooo...

Hope you likey!

Author's response

Haha the 'noooooooo...' part made me laugh XD