Review for AUDITIONS!!! :D


(#) MrsWayBeckett 2012-09-01

Name: Melisa Arias

Age: 16


Hair: Shoulder lenght, brown and curly.

Eyes: Dark brown

Skin: Naturally tanned, has some freckles on her face.

Personality: Sarcastic and witty. Fun to be around(or so she hopes) and funny. She can be the nicest girl ever, but if you mess with her she can be a total bitch.

State: Ok, so I know Puerto Rico isn't a state, but it is a part of the US so can she be from there? If not then Chicago. :)

Anything else: She's a great singer and she loves to act.

Boyfriend/girlfriend: Gerard Way please! Or William Beckett, which ever you like best!

Hope ya liked it! :D

Author's response

Gerard is taken. William will have to do! Um...she could be born in Puerto Rico and have moved to Chicago when she was__(insert age)__. I don't know XD