Review for Who's My Daddy?

Who's My Daddy?

(#) MCRkilljoy 2012-09-10

Character Name: Alica Ryte 

Age: Whatever fits

Personality: quite outgoing. Very talkative. Dirty minded. Bit of a slut, but very loyal when in a relationship. Can take mood swings and gets very violent when angry. 

Appearence: Black and red hair. Skinny jeans of any colour or leather trousers. Leather jacket vest top. Knee high leather boots or white graffiti converse.  Pale skin tone. 5,4. Not skinny but not fat.

Defining feature(s): very dark blue eyes. Almost black. 

background: grew up in a working class family. Had a very normal life although she got excluded because she looked like an emo ( she isn't one. She just liked to wear dark clothes). She done quite well in school and is a drummer in a band. 


Anything else you think i should know about the character: she loves animals. She wants a husky and has a passion for horses.

Happy story writing :)

Author's response

as soon as i saw the author name i guess that you'd go for the ronnie's girlfriend part haha and this is awesome thanks for helping me out :)