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i'm stuck in a rut on this story i have a idea but for it to work i need new characters...HELP!!!

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hey this is only the second time ive done auditions and this time ive got so far with this story and now i'm stuck i need new characters for this one idea i have to work so...

All i need from you guys is...

Character Name:




Defining feature(s):



Anything else you think i should know about the character:

the Parts i'm specifically looking for at the moment are

-Ronnie Radke's GirlFriend
-Craig Mbbit's Brother
-A Guy who is intrested in Onyx
-A Girl who likes MCR but hates Onyx
-3 friends of the Girl who hates Onyx
-Amber's Cousin who likes Dale
-Dale's Brother who likes Amber
-Ray's sister

so yeah there are a few parts to fill for this to work ive been very busy ive just started at college and ive had writer's block for quite a while on this story ive started a soul eater fanfic and a death note one I am VERYsorry for not updating more but as i have said ive just started college and have been very busy with that but i will try and get more updates on here and thanks in advance if you take the time to audition it means alot,
Amy-Beth xxx
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