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Audition Update

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just like a Authors note but not

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the reason i put dale's brother that likes amber and amber's cousin that likes dale as parts for the auditions is because i feel like dale has had a couple of cameo appearances but nothing big what do you guys think should i bring dale in a bit more should i make him a love intrest for Onyx or should i make it seem like he likes Onyx but he goes off with amber's cousin let me know what you think??

and also the auditions are still open there are still loads of parts open if you have already auditioned you are welcome to audition for a different part as well if you have another character that you think would fit one of the roles

one more thing thank you all SO much for your lovely compliments like 'your Amazing' and 'your stories are really good' it means the world to me to hear things like that my english teacher failed me when i handed in 'emo love never dies' as my creative writing on the topic of romance which was now about 3 months ago i cried and wanted to stop writing all together, then i came on here after school that day and saw all the nice things that had been said about the story and how you guys had told me to keep writing it made me smile and i went to my teacher and demanded a re-grading but he said no and to take it up with head of department if i didn't like my grade so i did and after the re-grading i came out with a pass so i was really happy,

seen as i haven't been on in a while i thought i'd tell you that little story explaining my appreation to all the people who have given my stories a read and took time out of the busy schedules to reveiw them as well thanks to you guys doing that it pushed me to keep on doing what i loved and to fight to get my work the marks it deserved even when my a-hole of a teacher said it didn't just so you guys know i got moved out of his class after the head of english found out he harshly graded my work on purpose i don't know why he did it but he did but oh well i guess that's just how he gets to sleep at night evil man! hahaha.

once again thank you to all of you that take the time to read and even reveiw my stories it means a lot and thanks to everyone that has taken part so far in my most recent audition on this story and also if anyone who auditioned for my killjoy story (Bullet-Proof Beauty and Co.) last year has been reading this story as well as the one they auditioned for i'd like to thank you guys as well as if it werent for you my killjoy story wouldn't even be in excistence right now haha so thank you all of you KILLJOYS!

thanks alot once more and to people auditioning for this story i hope you get the parts you want this one will be open for about a month so until the 10th october good luck and once more (i swear this is the last time i'll say it i'm just really grateful to you all)

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