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i seriously need help

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i have only had two people respond :(

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i have only had two people respond and i'm sorry but it's not enough i have gave you guys a month to respond and only two people have auditioned which is stalling me from carrying on writing this story and it's really annoying and frustrating so i will give you guys another few weeks you can audition as many times as you want if you have different characters that's fine by me as long as i get the characters i need to carry on this story because it is my favorite one to write and I've had a lot of nice feedback on this story so i'd love to continue it but i need your guy's help to continue it so please audition if you haven't already and if you want to audition again with a different character for a different part that's fine as well i just really want to carry on writing this story but i need characters and i'm stuck for ideas so thats why i asked you guys to help me so please help me out

Amy-Beth x
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