Review for Who's My Daddy?

Who's My Daddy?

(#) ShovedToAgree 2012-09-10

Name: Sara Toro
age: whatever fits
personality: Very hyper, talkative, jokes around but is serious when needed, bold, very sweet
appearance: Dark Brown straightened hair, blue eyes, kinda short, skinny but has curves, wears band teeshirts, skinny jeans, and converse
defying features: has a misfits tattoo on lower back, a freckle on her cheek
background: Grew up with Ray always being protective of her and always looked up to her older brother. Was bullied during school
part: Ray sister
anything else: play guitar

Question: if i get the part can she date one of the mcr boys? :3
btw i really enjoy the story, keep writing ur amazing!

Author's response

to answer your question first i will think about it but i will let you know just let me know at least two of them you'd want her to date but i would say not frankie as he is Onyx's dad and the story may get very weird haha and thank you for your very nice comment and i will be uploading once i have all the characters i need and i have typed it up so worry not there will be more :)