Review for Profile of a FicWaffle Brotato Chip

Profile of a FicWaffle Brotato Chip

(#) DaniAtaDisco 2012-09-17

HIII!!!!!!! I really like you! You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are verrrrrrrrry prrrrrrrrrrretty!! (in a non-creep way... or if you like creepy then in a creepy way...) MER! so random when I can't really think of what to write. I have so muchh more I want to say but my brain is all over the place...

Author's response

THANK YOUUU! Really; I never get called pretty, only real thing people around here comment on my looks is 'oh, um sure pretty I guess" MEANING I THINK YOUR UGLY SAM AND YOU SHOULD HAVE A PAPER BAG OVER YOUR HEAD WARNING PEOPLE NOT TO LOOK BUT I HAVE TO SAY YOUR PRETTY CAUSE MY REP DEPENDS ON IT! And i'm the same way, I get so random example is above :D