Review for Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death

(#) SeeYouInHellKid 2012-09-18

Story of my fucking life O-o technology likes to watch humans squirm: to traumatize you with the blue!
Btw just wanted you know when i was recommended Lornas' account 1yr and a half ago i was some awkward/fucked-up/timid annoyance to people who was hopeless to survive but some of her 'rants' she'd post here really helped my mood and boosted my personailty(i.e. random laughing towards chocolate biscuites). She also improved my music taste!(from Jonas Brothers to Radiohead which i never knew 'til Lorna) So i guess i'm reassuring you she impacted lives for the better.
I'm sure you didn't need my word, it was already made clear by others. idk i'm feeling sentimental, sorry.