Review for Here's One From The Heart

Here's One From The Heart

(#) BulletproofNinja 2012-09-18

Oh my god! Frank! Gerard! Pete! Mikey! ASDFGHJKL I LOVE IT ALL!
Except for the fact that Fronkeh is a scared little bunny! NUUUU FRONKEH, GERD WILL SAVE YHOU!
Seriously amazing chapter, I had the flails and the goosebumps during this!
Update soon for immense amounts of love! :P
~BulletproofNinja xo

Author's response

Awwwwww, thankies! :D THEY'RE ALL SO AMAZING RIGHT?!
ANd yes, Gerd will save derh Fronkeh. Or something. Ya'll need to wait and see ;D Thank you so much