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"There was a car right next to me, holding two people. They looked furious. They were also the last two people I would want to run into with my boyfriend."

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HERE GOES IT. I'm so sorry it's been so long! But yeah, I've had shit to do, you know? A life to get on with. I'm loving school so far this year. "GUYS, IS SHE OKAY? SHE LIKES SCHOOL?!" Yeah, I do actually, my friends are terrific.

For example, wanna know what happened today? I was in Science; I share a table with three of my closest friends. We were talking (a lot) and the teacher moved one of them, and replaced her with another girl from some other table. She came over with a huge-ass grin on her face and sat down, and you know what she said? "I can't believe I'm sitting with the punk kids!"

Oh, I cried laughing.

But anyway, enough of my rambling, here's Chapter... something.

Chapter 18; Problem?

“So, what have I missed in the time I’ve been away?” asked Pete as me and him made our way outside at break.

“Well, we share times with the year below now, so... so you... get to meet my brother...” I said slowly. “Oh fuck.”

“What, what’s wrong with your brother?” asked Pete, grinning.

“Nothing’s wrong with him, it’s that I’m wondering what devious shit you two will get up to. Conspiring against me.”

“Oh, he sounds pretty cool.”

“He’s a bastard. But yeah, I suppose he’s okay,” I said, sighing. “Just, because I know both of you, you’re either going to hate each other completely or team up against me and ruin my life.”

“Probably the second one, Geetard,” said Pete.

“Oh, thanks!”

“Always here for you, man.” I rolled my eyes, but shrieked as he wrapped his arms around my head, catching my neck in the crook of his elbow. “GEEEEEE!”

“Get off me, you asshole!”

“I haven’t seen you in three months, I’m allowed to go a bit CRAZY.”

“You’re not allowed to strangle me!”

“Who said?”


“Oh. Sorry dude.” The grip around my neck lessened.

“Look, you can give me a piggyback instead. Mmkay?”

“Sure. HOP ON!”

“Don’t say that again,” I said, shaking my head. Pete being shorter than me, I didn’t exactly have to jump for my piggyback - but he is pretty solid, so I didn’t crush him either.

“So, how’s life been in my absence? You haven’t been up to anything to naughty with your new boy, have you?” asked Pete, carrying me across the playground. I blushed, glad that Pete couldn’t see my face.

“No... and don’t call him my ‘boy’, Pete. That makes it sound barbaric.” He slowed down slightly, and was silent for a few seconds before answering.

“You must really like him.” I blushed and nodded. He chuckled.

“Well, he’s standing right over there. Do I let you down and you tackle him, or should I just dump you on top of him?”


“Right, dumping it is.” Before I could protest, he sped up towards the small group that sat in a circle at the base of our tree-hut tree. I squeaked and tried to wriggle off his back, but all he did was pick me up and sling me over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift.

“Pete!” I shouted, trying to wrench myself out of his grip, but he didn’t let me go; his grip was like a fucking iron vice. He just grinned and carried me over; I could no longer see what was in front of us, because my legs were flailing around in front of him.

“You know, it’s really not a pleasant thing to have your butt in my face,” I heard him say. I also heard everyone else burst out laughing, and my cheeks flushed.

“If you put me down, you wouldn’t have my butt in your face.”

“I don’t want to put you down.”

“Put me down!” I said, kicking my legs in the air. Pete obliged and dumped me down, rather unceremoniously, on the ground. I turned around and scowled, feeling my cheeks burn up and watching my friends all rolling around in laughter. Not literally, but they were all either laughing or grinning at me. All but one, as I noticed when I stood up and brushed the grass off my knees. The one who wasn’t laughing was my Frankie - he was, in fact, glaring daggers at a spot in front of him. I furrowed my brow, remembering what Jenna had told me that morning. Jealous?

I glanced over at Pete, who’d been greeted by Penina with a giant hug; she hadn’t seen him in ages, either, and was now introducing him to everyone else. I then looked back at Frank, who hadn’t moved his gaze from the floor; I thought that the grass might burst into flames.

“Heya,” I said. I wrapped my arm around his neck and pressed my lips to his temple. He looked up from his staring contest with the grass, and instantly turned and gave me a hug. I couldn’t see his face, but I was pretty sure he was now glaring at Pete over my shoulder. I couldn’t help but grin to myself; he was jealous of Pete. Majorly jealous.

That is really adorable.

“Hey,” he said finally.

“You look like you could murder something,” I said, untangling myself from his arms and tilting his face upwards so I could look at him more closely. He averted his eyes to the floor again, fidgeting with his tie.

“I’m fine.”

“Frankie,” I said softly. “What’s up?”

You know what’s up. Why are you asking?

Fuck off.

Just wondering.


“Frank, come on.” My voice was even quieter as I spoke, my fingers now tracing his hairline, coming to rest on the spot where his ear joined his neck. “What’s wrong?” He just shook his head, twisting his tie around, resting his forehead on my chest. I rolled my eyes and rested my arms lightly around his shoulders.

“It’s just...”

“Pete?” I asked. He nodded, now fiddling with my tie. “He’s my pal. Nothing more than that, and it’s never been anything more.” Frank said nothing, but continued to fiddle with my tie. I sighed and looked down the the top of his head. There was just something about Frank, that I noticed when I looked, that I didn’t notice on other people. Like the tiny scar just next to his right eyebrow on the bridge of his nose. How he never stuck up his mini mohawk but let it flop into his eyes.

“You two finished having a mushy moment over there?” asked Pete, breaking my examination. I smiled, but saw Frank’s eyes flash dark for a second, still fixated on the grass.

“Hey,” I said, lifting his face upwards with my finger placed under his jaw. He looked up at me reluctantly. “I think someone’s jealous.” I couldn’t help smiling even wider when he blushed red.

“Stop it,” he muttered. I laughed and pulled him into a hug; he wrapped his arms around my waist a little tighter than usual, but I could understand why. In fact, it was the most adorable thing, seeing my Frankie getting jealous and protective. Heeheeheehee.

Adorable, you see? That’s why Jenna squealed her head off this morning.

Please, why are you here?

Because you’re getting all mushy over Frank!

Seriously, who are you?

I’m you, dipshit.

“Frank, there’s voices in my head again,” I said. He burst out laughing and pulled out of the hug.

“What am I going to do with you?” he asked, his characteristic goofy smile returning to his face.

“Good question. I have some ideas,” I said, quirking my eyebrow up.

“Oh really? What might some of those ideas be?”

“You have to wait and find out.” Frank smirked at me darkly. I felt my own smirk crawling up my face as I began to caress the side of his face. He caught my hand and moved forward slightly. I could feel his breath across my lips, sending tingles down my spine.

“Anything interesting?”

“Depends what you call interesting.”

“Will you two please stop flirting?” said Ray. I looked away from Frank and saw everyone within a ten meter radius staring; some bewildered, some amused.

“When did you get here?” I asked, looking around. I hadn’t actually seen Ray when I’d arrived. I hadn’t seen Mikey either. Speaking of which...

"About two minutes ago. You two weren't paying attention.” Oh, there he was.

“Oh. Yeah. Sorry,” I said, glancing at Frank. He grinned back at me.

“Oh boy, I might be sick,” said Mikey. That’s when he noticed Pete, his gaze flicking between me and Mikey with an amused expression on his face. “Who’s this?”

“Oh. Pete Wentz,” said Pete, holding out his hand. Mikey took it, realization glowing on his face.

“Ah. The one who helped Gerard set Ray’s hair one fire last year?”


Frank’s POV

I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly used to being protective over someone. Then again, I wasn’t used to having someone to be protective over. And... okay, I suppose I have to admit it. I was a tiny bit jealous of Pete. Okay, a LOT jealous. It burned in my stomach whenever Pete turned up. At lunch, in the morning when he waited at the bus stop, when they he and Gerard threw things each other.

And to say I was upset when I saw him perched on Gerard’s wall outside his house two weeks later, in the morning, in my spot was, well, a bit of an understatement. And when I say ‘upset’, I’m talking my stomach decided to flip in circles and I went slightly dizzy with anger. It was only me remembering Gerard’s words the day Pete had arrived, telling me I was jealous. Yeah, I was jealous, okay. But he seemed to be nice enough, and if Gerard said that he’d never been anything more than a friend, then I believed it. Or I'd tried to believe it. But those two weeks had just made it harder.

“Morning,” I said. He looked up from his feet, where he’d been kicking them into the wall, and his face broke out into a smile.

“Hey Frank! You alright?" I nodded, entwining my fingers behind my back.


“That's good. What are you doing here?” he asked, pointing at the door behind him. It was all I could do not to roll my eyes. Isn't it obvious?

“I walk with Gerard every morning.”

“Oh! Of course you do. I mean, I know you walk together, I didn't know you waited for him,” he said. I nodded. I stood about awkwardly for a minute, just watching the door. I smiled to myself for a minute, imagining what chaos they would be creating inside the house; the Way brothers weren’t very good at getting organized in the morning. “You’re interesting, you know that?” Pete’s statement broke me out of my trance.


“Gerard really cares about you. He doesn’t usually commit himself to anyone. I wonder what it is about you that changed his mind?” I blushed and looked at my feet.

“It’s only been four weeks...”

“That’s three and a half weeks longer than usual,” he said. I looked up and the smile that had previously been on his face had faded.

“What do you mean?”

“Gerard’s a good guy. Awesome friend, funny, all that jazz. But he rarely ever cares about someone enough to even become friends with them. Let alone ask them out. And I’ve never seen him as goofy as yesterday morning. Seriously, you’ve turned him into a teenage girl,” he said. I blushed again and looked at my feet.

“He was like that when I first came into the school,” I said.



“Okay. He loves you.” I looked up, and saw Pete staring unblushingly at me. My heart began palpitating at his words, and my brain was going what?!

“What?” I asked, sitting next to him on the wall. Pete smiled.

“You’re crazy for each other.”

“I’ve... I’ve only known him for a couple of months.”

“Only? Well, that just makes it even more impressive. It took a month just for me and him to get on speaking terms, and that was with us sitting at the same table for half our classes.” I just nodded and turned my gaze back to the front door. I opened my mouth to speak, but at that moment the door swung opened and the subject of mine and Pete’s conversation walked outside.

“Morning, Gee!” shouted Pete, after seeing that I had frozen. He waved and leaped off the front step - and promptly landed on his face. Pete and I burst out laughing. I heard Mikey laughing too, and Gerard straggled to his feet, his face bright red.

“Fuck you guys.”

“Frank, you are dating the most coordinately challenged person on this planet,” said Pete, grinning at me. I nodded, smirking at Gerard.

“You know on the second day back at school, he said hello by doing exactly that? Apparently he’d forgotten his coffee that morning,” I said, tilting my head to one side. Mikey nodded.

“And he often does a spectacular job of missing the top or bottom step of a staircase when going up or down it,” he said.

“Can you guys all stop ganging up on me?!” said Gerard, pouting. “I thought you’d at least be on my side, Frankie.” I smiled and shook my head.

“No, I like Pete. I think he, Mikey and I will all have fun tormenting you.”

“I’ve a feeling you were the worst mistake I ever made.” Gerard pouted again and wrapped his arms around my shoulders, looking right at me.

“Well, it was your fault. You asked me,” I said.

“You said yes,” he said.

“Oh dear. Looks like you’re stuck with me,” I said, kissing him.

“For fuck’s sake,” I heard Mikey say.

“Surely you’re used to these two?” said Pete.


“Mikey please, stop complaining,” said Gerard, pulling away. “As Pete said, get used to it.” I giggled, pecked Gerard on the nose and we all got to our feet.

“We on our way?” I asked. Pete and Gerard nodded and Mikey just continued to look repulsed. “That’s good. Let’s go!” I held Gerard’s hand and we began to walk behind Pete and Mikey; the path was only wide enough for two people. That’s one of the great mysteries of life; why on earth are paths only wide enough for two people? In my experience, if people have friends they often have more than just one. Isn’t it awkward when there’s three of you and you have to walk in that weird V-formation?

“Frank? Earth to Frank?” Gerard’s voice brought me back to reality, just as I was about to walk onto the road (and probably into a car). I smiled vaguely and nodded. Gerard sighed and wrapped his arm around my waist. “Anything you want to talk about?”

“No, why?”

“I was just hoping Pete hasn’t slipped you something this morning, you didn’t seem like you wanted to rip his head off. You know, like you have done for two weeks,” he murmured.

“No. I... we talked a little bit this morning. He’s more decent than I think I gave him credit for,” I said. Gerard smiled.

“Well that’s good. He’s a good guy, Frankie.”

“And you know what? Because you’re sure of that, I’m going to believe you,” I said, stopping to wrap my arms around his neck. He smiled.

“I’m glad,” he said, pressing his lips to mine. I giggled and latched my fingers around his neck.

“FRANK?!” Ah. I had forgotten that I was standing on a path. By a road. Where cars were. And therefore people. I quickly detached myself from Gerard and turned around. My heart sank. Lots of the people in the cars were looking, but not as if they wanted to tear my balls off. But there was a car right next to me, holding two such people. They looked horrified. They were also the last two people I would want to run into with my boyfriend.

“Shit,” I said. I pulled away from Gerard and sprinted off.



“Frank, what’s going on?” I stopped around a small alley between two houses and searched around for Gerard’s hand. Sure enough, I found it - he’d followed me. I turned, panic building in my stomach horribly and grabbed onto his shoulders.

“Frank, what the heck’s wrong?” he asked, taking my face in his hands. I shook my head gently, like I was trying to get water out of my ear.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

“Fuck,” I said gritting my teeth.

“What’s wrong, Frankie? Who were those people? Frankie?” He pulled me into a hug, me barely even noticing because I was shaking so badly. "Frankie, babe, what's wrong?" The use of the pet name calmed me down enough to look up at Gerard's concerned face.

“My parents.”

Heeheehee. I know, this chapter was kind of a rambling filler. I'm sorry it took so long! I kind of had to settle back into the school routine - I should be updating a TINY bit more frequently now. I hope. But yeah, I did something completely stupid and started another story, Midnight Moonlight. Could you guys head on over and tell me what you think?

BleedingValentine xx
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