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"I pulled out my eye pencil and began to make myself a little bit more human looking. Or vampire looking. However you prefer to describe a normal-looking me."

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You know, I really do think there should be a category for fluff here. This is the fluffiest, most cliche story I've ever written. UGH. -shakes off fluff-. But yeah - next fic I'ma be doing is 'Midnight Moonlight', which I HOPE will be less vomit inducing. I am Queen Of Fluff.

But yeah. I do like writing this, unfortunately, loading in all this fluff. FLUFFFLUFFLUFFLUFF. Yeah. I'ma stop ranting now. And if I ever say 'I'ma' again, you all have permission to kill me. DAWG. BRUV.

Kill me now?

Chapter 17; Returns

I was still blushing when the bell rang, calling us to our classes. I was blushing even more when Jenna and Valerie were staring at Frank and I, telepathically forcing us to actually act like a ‘couple’. His fingers were oh so lightly laced through mine (my brain was doing happy twirls around my stomach) - but even then I don’t think that was enough for those two. If it was anything less they’d probably be jumping on top of us going ‘FUCK ALREADY’. They might already.

And boy, were there people staring. I could eyes on my back, and I’m sure Frank could feel them too, like tiny lasers burning holes in our hands. Me being me, I did not particularly give a flying shit, I was instead blushing at my friends bouncing around going ‘AWWWWW.’ Frank on the other hand looked like he was ready to melt into the floor. His grip on my fingers progressively got tighter the further down the corridor we got.

“I’m fine when people stare at me because I’ve hit someone in the face, but I wish they didn’t at this time,” he muttered to me. “It’s... weird.”

“There’s nothing wrong with weird,” I said, stopping as we arrived at my maths classroom.

“Gee...” said Frank, turning over my hand in both of his. “I’m scared.”

“What about, Frankie?” I said, leaning against the wall just by the door. Thankfully, the crowds in the corridor had died down a bit, so we didn’t have an entire audience. There were still people passing, goggle-eyed, but I did my best to ignore them as Frank began speaking.

“Gee, my entire... my whole family would... fucking hate me. I can trust these guys, Penina... Jenna and Valerie maybe... but it’s still...”

“You’ve never actually been with a guy before because you’re worried about what everyone would think? Because you’ve been raised to think homosexuality is wrong?” I said, stopping Frank in his tracks. He blushed and nodded.

“I just can’t get over that... after all my parents kind of drilled into me how being gay was wrong... I didn’t want to accept that... that I might be everything they’ve taught me to hate.”

“And then I came along?” I said, smiling slightly. Frank gave a short, sad laugh.

“Yeah... I mean, I’m so...”

“Frank,” I said, cupping his jaw in my hand. “I understand. It’s normal to be worried, or apprehensive. Scared, even.” I stroked his cheekbone with my thumb. “But you don’t need to. Our friends don’t care. I promise to shut up any asshole who tries to hurt you because you might not happen to be heterosexual.”

“Why, though?” Frank looked confused.

“Why what?”

“Why would you risk hurting other people for me?”

“Because you’re amazing,” I said, touching my forehead to his; Frank’s blush deepened and turned his gaze towards his shoelaces. “And honestly, people do not mess with people that I’m close to if they value their sanity.”


“Really,” I said, lowering my voice so that the people around us could hear. “Also, I haven’t properly asked you...” Frank looked up at me.

He won’t mind, will he?

No, come on. Ask him.

“Would you do the honour of officially being my boyfriend?” OH GOD. You couldn’t have made it any cheesier, could you?

Frank didn’t say anything after I asked, but rather opened and closed his mouth in shock like a goldfish. Then, a small smile broke out on his face and he nodded.

“Course. Just... try not to parade it around. I’m still a bit... well... my parents,” he said, as if that would explain everything. I chuckled and nodded.

“I understand.”

“I need to go to class. See you after school,” Frank said, placing a soft kiss to my lips. I heard an uncomfortable cough behind me and turned around irritably - Candace and Sapphire were standing, arms linked, looking like I’d just pulled a rabbit out my ass.

“Can you not see we’re trying to have a moment here?!” I asked, placing my hands on my hips. Frank giggled. Sapphire just stood with her jaw practically on the floor, and Candace looked between Frank and I with that same bemused expression on her face. I continued to stare with my best gay expression, until both girls freaked out.

“Ugh!” said Sapphire, turning and rushing away. I giggled as she did so, but I glared when she shoved over a pile of others to get away; Ash fell into a locker, and Ria ended up on the floor.

“Hey, don’t be such a cow!” I shouted.

“I’m going to leave before this gets ugly,” said Frank, his lips brushing against my ear before he hurried up the stairs at the end of the corridor towards his lesson.

“Sapphire, where do you think you’re going?” I shouted, after helping up some of the people she’d knocked over. She paused at the door of her classroom and looked at me with a sneer on her face.

“I kind of didn’t really want to be near some gay make out session,” she said. I growled.

“You shoved over my friends,” I said, and started to make my way towards her. She shrieked and darted into her room - but I felt someone grab my shoulder before I could go after her. I turned and saw Ash’s sharp blue eyes, his head shaking a ‘no’.

“Bitch,” I said, shaking his hand off my shoulder.

“I know,” said Ash, looking around at the people. Some of them who’d been knocked over had disappeared, others were hanging around watching, waiting for my reaction. Ria, however, was standing, clutching her books and bag in her arms, looking terrified.

“Are you okay?” I asked, moving over to her. She looked up at me with her wide green eyes, and nodded.

“Yeah, I just... I hate crowds. She’s such an ass,” she said. I frowned and squeezed her shoulder comfortingly.

“She mustn’t have known you were my friend else she wouldn’t have shoved you over. Not even by accident,” I said. Ria nodded.

“I guess that’s why she freaked?”

“Yeah,” I said, smiling. “Oh, Ria, you haven’t met Ash yet, have you?”

“No,” said Ria quietly, nodding shyly up at the tall boy.

“Nice to meet you... Ria, I assume?” said Ash.


“BOYS AND GIRLS! Lessons started two minutes ago, WHAT are you doing out here?” screamed a loud voice.

“Um, we best run,” I said lightly, darting towards my classroom. Ash and Ria scampered to wherever it was they needed to be.

Jenna was staring at me suspiciously as I walked in and down; this was the only class that I sat with only her.

“What happened?” she hissed as I sat down.

“Sapphire decided playing dominos with people in a crowded hall was a good idea,” I said.

“You don’t usually hang around helping people.”

“She got Ria and Ash in the process.”

“Ah. I see.” Alarmingly, this appeared to be a good enough explanation.

After that Wednesday, things seemed to settle down a bit. Well, Wednesday WAS very dramatic - I could hardly believe it had actually been just a day. How do you cram in THAT MUCH shit into one day? Very well, that’s how.

And you’ve started talking to yourself, very well done.

Oh, it’s Monday.

Crocs are the Monday of the shoe world.


Oh, shut up and get back to hammering that banana into the wall.

Why am I hammering a banana into a wall?

Don’t question my motives. Keep hammering, baby.

“What?” I didn’t jump awake in a cold sweat on Monday morning, I sort of shuddered awake with my brain taking a few moments to catch up with me. “What the fuck is wrong with my brain...”


“What is it, Mikey?” I mumbled into my pillow.

“You were supposed to be awake half an hour ago, we’re leaving in five.”

“What?!” I shrieked, stumbling out of bed. “Goddamn those bananas!”

“Do I even want to know?” asked Mikey, shaking his head as I stumbled around my room.


“Oh, I bought you coffee.” I stopped searching under my bed for some jeans and stared at him for a moment, his comment taking a while to process in my brain.

“Dude... thanks,” I said, yawning. “Why didn’t you wake me up before?”

“Because I like watching you panic. Frank’s at the gate, by the way,” said Mikey, grinning before hopping out the room. I swore again and pulled on the nearest clothes I found, grabbed my eyeliner, shoved all my shit into my bag and stumbled downstairs in record time.

Mikey was sitting on the counter, grinning to himself. I scowled as I pulled on my shoes and gave our mum a quick hug goodbye.

“You look a mess, sweetie,” she said. I rolled my eyes and grabbed an apple from the bowl.

“This asshole didn’t wake me up until five minutes ago,” I said, glancing at the clock. Shit. We only had ten minutes. “Gotta dash.”

“Heeheehee. I don’t even care about being late if it means I get to watch you run about in panic like a headless chicken,” said Mikey.

“I hate you.”

“Frank must actually really like you. God knows if my boyfriend was running half an hour late I wouldn’t hang about.” That made me slow down as we exited the house, even as I did see the adorable Frank sitting on my garden wall, looking the other way.

“Whoa... you, boyfriend?! Is there something you’re not telling me, Mikey?” I said, raising my eyebrow. He blushed a delicate shade of pink.

“I was stating the fact that if I was Frank, I would not have waited for half an hour.”

“Sure...” I said, grinning as I squeezed Frank in a hug from behind. He shrieked and flailed around with a hugh ‘EESMEEEDF’ of shock, causing me to burst out laughing.

“Asshole!” he said, sinking into my arms and covering his eyes with a shaking hand. “You scared me!”

“That was the plan,” I said, giggling and nuzzling his hair. “I missed you.”

“Oh please, don’t make me sick,” said Mikey.

“I missed you too,” said Frank, kissing my jawline. My heart skipped a beat, and Mikey rolled his eyes.

“Guys, I’ve just had breakfast! And we should go if we don’t want to be late,” he said.

“We’re going to be late anyway,” I said, taking Frank’s hand.

“Why did I have to wait out here for half an hour, then?” he asked as we set off towards the school.

“I was dreaming about bananas and overslept,” I said.


“Don’t even ask.”

“You know, we really should walk a bit quicker or we’ll completely miss the bell,” said Mikey, checking his watch.

“Or we could walk a bit slower and arrive just in time for first period,” I said.

“Good idea,” said Frank.

Sure enough, my timing was that well that we managed to slip inside the gates without being seen by the eagle-eyed teachers, and we managed to get to our first period in time. Mikey disappeared towards the music rooms at the other end of the school, as Frank and I walked towards our history classroom.

The crowds were immense as we walked through, holding each other’s hands - but today, they weren’t staring as intensely as they had last week. Much to Frank’s relief, as he quite visibly relaxed without people’s eyes glued to him.

“Where were you this morning?” asked Bob as we walked into the classroom.

“Gerard woke up late,” said Frank, settling down in his seat.

“Oh, okay. I was about to call you,” said Jenna.

“Sorry, guys. I was... having a bizarre dream.” I pulled out my eye pencil and began to make myself a little bit more human looking. Or vampire looking. However you prefer to describe a normal-looking me.

“Oh? Anything interesting?” Jenna had a smirk on her face. No, not that sort of dream.

“Hammering bananas into the walls,” I said. All the people sitting around me just stared. “What? You did ask.”

“What is wrong with you?” asked Ray. I shrugged, and ginned as Miss James walked into the room. Ray stopped gawking at me like a moron and turned to the front, instantly confirming my suspicion - he had a tiny crush on Miss James. “Who’s that with her?”

“Okay, guys...”

“Pete!” I shouted. The hooded figure who stood in the doorway turned towards me.

“Geetard!” he said. I leapt out my seat and bounced towards him, a huge smile on my face, almost knocking him over in a hug.

“Where the FUCK have you been, dude?!” I asked.

“Oh, just Alaska and stuff, hanging out with my penguin friends,” he said, smiling his trademark grin.

“You get polar bears in Alaska,” I said, biffing him on the head.

“Oh yeah, I guess that’s what they’re called.”

“As you can probably tell from Gerard’s rather enthusiastic greeting, the infamous Pete Wentz has returned,” said Miss James, smiling.

“Petey, it’s you! Long time no see!” said Jenna.

“Yeah, it’s been a while,” he said, slinging an arm around my neck.

“Oh, Pete?” said Miss James. “Don’t get too close to Gerard, you might make... someone... jealous.” She looked directly at me, before turning her gaze to Frank. We both promptly turned scarlet. Pete didn’t notice Frank, though - he stared at me.

“You?! And... since when did you do relationships?!” he asked.


“Aww, he’s gone all red!” said Jenna, rocking back on her legs. “It’s all been a bit too cute recently.”

“Is that so?” asked Pete, grinning again. “Who’s this fabulous fella who’s caught my pal’s attention? It’s not you, Bob, is it?”

“No!” protested Bob indignantly.

“Then who?” I looked over at Frank, who was now grinning.

“This guy,” said Valerie, waving her hands in the air and pointing at him. Frank’s eyes widened.

“Ahhhh, a new kid! Well, my friend, just make sure you take care of this moron, okay?” said Pete, ruffling my hair. I don’t think I could get any redder.

“Pete, leave it out,” I said, trying to push him away. He may have been shorter than me, but he was short and loud, and I was easily embarrassed when he was around.

“Sit down, you two,” said Miss James. Pete finally let me go and I scuttled over to my seat next to Frank, Pete close on my heels.

“Wait, three new kids? You guys have bred like rabbits in my absence,” said Pete, dragging a chair over to sit on the edge of Jenna and Bob’s table.

“New students don’t breed into the school, Pete,” I said.

“They don’t? Oh. My bad,” he said, shrugging. “Might I enquire as to who each of you is? Starting with the little guy who appears to have stolen my pal Gerard’s heart?” My cheeks were bright red by this point and I felt like sinking through the floor. Maybe if I wished hard enough...

“Frank,” said my floppy-mohawked boyfriend, extending a hand across the table. Hahahaha, boyfriend. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t seem fazed or embarrassed like me - more relaxed, maybe even a little bit cold. I kept my gaze on him as Valerie and Ria both said hello, in their respective ways - Valerie with a huge grin and launching into a relentless stream of babbling, Ria nodding shyly and continuing on with her book. Frank kept his eyes firmly on Pete, until he looked around and saw me watching him - and he promptly blushed.

“Is everything okay?” I asked, gently resting my hand on his knee. He jumped and nodded, putting his hand on top of mine.

“Yeah. How do you know Pete?” he asked.

“He goes to this school. He went on holiday to somewhere with his family. I remember him telling me that he’d be back in school a month late, but I’ve kind of... been preoccupied. I forgot that he was coming back today,” I admitted.

“Preoccupied? What with?” asked Frank. I stared at him for a moment, before I facepalmed and started laughing. “What?!”

“Preoccupied with you, you complete dimwit!”

“Oh,” he said, now blushing a faint pink colour. I sighed and looked up at him, still giggling.

“So what’s wrong? You looked a bit... awkward,” I said, squeezing his hand.

“Yeah, I just... yeah,” he said, smiling. We rested our hands on his knee and began to listen to what Miss James was telling us, from where she perched on the desk. Jenna turned around from her seat in front of me and raised her eyebrow knowingly at me.

“What’s up, Jenna?” I asked. She nodded at Frank, who’s eyes were still resting on Pete’s figure, a tiny frown on his face. “What?”

“Your darling boyfriend’s jealous,” she said, grinning. I blushed - although really, that blush was mainly at her use of ‘boyfriend.’

Gerard. Frank is your boyfriend. Yours. YOURS. HE’S YOURS, MOTHERFUCKER!

“Gerard!” said Jenna, snapping her fingers in front of my face. I looked up, glancing at Frank. Thankfully, he hadn’t noticed my new skin shade of tomato.

“What?” Jenna just looked for a moment, a goofy smile on her face.

“You’re so cute!” she squealed.

Oh dear. So now half the girls in the school are going to be squealing at you, the other half think you’re gross, and your boyfriend’s jealous of your long-gone best friend.

This week would be interesting.

Ahahahahaha. I know not MUCH happened in this chapter, but I wanted to bring Petey back. I like Petey, he's pretty darn cool. Even though he wasn't originally gonna be here, but you know, spur of the moment type thing.

Anyway, please Rate and Review my lovelies, and I love you all very much if you do!

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