Review for A Note From Me

A Note From Me

(#) SyraStrange 2012-09-27

Um... Hi. Do you remember me? Y'know that girl, who made that stupid story about cat!Gerard and Frank and disgusting things a twelve year old should never know? Yeah, that's moi. I know this made about a month ago and you're probably over this and shit but... here, let me walk down memory lane a bit, just skip this if you don't care.

As I was rereading the reviews everyone had left for my most successful story 'round these parts, I came across your review. Now I remember your review because it just made me happy how someone thought just about the same way as I did. And wow, you're part of the reason I'm still here and trying.

I know what you're feeling. Hell, I've been living what you're feeling these past few months, and have been so depressed without writing it literally hurt to open a blank word doc or stare at an empty piece of paper. I lost my motivation. But... It came back.

It took a while and a little bit of pain and work but I think I've recovered. And...I just want you to know that it won't leave you. You're writing. It may fade and grow weak with time and as your priorities change'll never lose it, cos you are the words.

The words are just waiting for you to let them out.

I'm sorry for writing an overly long review. I just... wanted to say that.

Especially when you're part of the reason I'm still alive today. Okay? So... you've saved a life. :)