Review for To Me when I'm 16

To Me when I'm 16

(#) Mirazal 2012-09-29

Okay, ANYWAY....

Lauren, I love this. God. I totally know where you're coming from; I'm really scared of the future (my parents tell me I'm overthinking things.) I hope you stay the way you are, because you're beautiful. If you change, that's fine, just don't forget about who you were. (And us! Don't forget FicWad! Remember we're gonna get married!)

(Oh and say hi to Payten and Chandi and Caylee for me.... and dude, 8th grade, represent! It was really fun for me. Enjoy it while you can. ENJOY IT because high school.... is not as fun as I thought it was gonna be.)

Author's response

Awww, you're gonna make me cry. I'll never forget ficwad! How could I? With all you beautiful people and my wifey. ;)
Payten said hi back! I can't tell Chandi or Cay cause they don't know about all this... :D
I'm hating 8th grade so far. I'm scared/excited for high school though! :P