Review for Auditions


(#) Shayla_boo 2012-09-30

Part: Murdered niece please. :)

Name: Shayla

Gender: female

Age (30 and up, pretty please. If you're auditioning for the murdered niece, 16-18.): 16

Appearance is split for detail-
Hair colour and style: bright green, pin straight, in two little ponytails, I have longish bangs

Eye colour: hazel

Height/weight: 5'2, 103 pounds

Clothes (It's set waaaay up in northern Canada, so keep in mind that it isn't too warm there, unless you're auditioning for the other cousin or the rapist.):
original color Ugg boots to my shin, dark green ripped skinnies, a green, red, and brown knit sweater

Anything else involving appearance: neon pink gauges, a middle lip ring

Personality (Not sure how much of this I'll use, but I want it just to be safe.): bubbly, artsy, I speak my mind, a prankster, talkative

Anything else about the character: I have asthma.