Review for Auditions


(#) ProvehitoInAltum 2012-09-30

Part: Niece that Gerard has an affair with, pretty please? :3

Name: Eva Kingston

Gender: Female

Age (30 and up, pretty please. If you're auditioning for the murdered niece, 16-18.): 31

Appearance is split for detail-

Hair colour and style: Dark blonde hair. Curly, goes to her ribs.

Eye colour: Baby blue.

Height/weight: 5"8, 69 kg.

Clothes (It's set waaaay up in northern Canada, so keep in mind that it isn't too warm there, unless you're auditioning for the other cousin or the rapist.): Tight jeans, long sweaters, a navy blue trench coat, and converse.

Anything else involving appearance: She has a few freckles on her nose.

Personality (Not sure how much of this I'll use, but I want it just to be safe.): Shy, introverted, quiet, mousy. She hates being in small spaces or large spaces.

If you're auditioning for any character other than the niece or the rapist, what is your opinion on the murder, and how do you feel about Gerard and Frank snooping into your family? (Once again, I may not use it, but I want it just in case.) She's alright with it, as long as they don't come near her. As for the murder, she's shell shocked. Heartbroken. Whatever.

Anything else about the character: She's mute.

Hope that helps! :)