Review for I quit.

I quit.

(#) AlteredStateOfMind 2012-10-01

I know exactly how you feel. The same thing's been happening to me and it's the worst feeling in the world to have something rated down that you dedicate so much time to. I don't blame you for leaving, I've been thinking about it myself, but I hope you won't let this get in the way of your writing. Fuck whatever jealous bastard is sabotaging your stories, they are still brilliant and show what great potential you have to make creative writing your career. Don't give up, just stick to new websites like LJ where shit like this doesn't happen. Trying To Escape The Inevitable is one of the best fics I've ever read and I'd die if I didn't get the chance to read it to the end, so please add me to your mailing list. My email's:

Keep your chin up and don't let this get to you. Everyone here still thinks you're amazing. x3