Review for Elegy For Some Dead Kid

Elegy For Some Dead Kid

(#) killjoy_blackrose 2012-10-02

you know, after i first read this, i copied it to my notes. then i re-read it over and over again. then i wrote my favorite passages into my calender. then i showed it to my mother. to this day i still keep coming back to it.


it's the best fucking poem i've ever read. words cannot describe my undying love for this :3

just thought i'd let you know

xo k

Author's response

Wow; you're review is quite possibly one of the nicest things anyone's ever said/typed to me! Thank you very, very much!

I'm really pleased that this is something you keep coming back to and that you like it!

Thanks for leaving such a lovely review; it really means a lot! :D :D :D