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Elegy For Some Dead Kid

by DisenchatedDestroya 3 reviews

"Death’s a party and life’s a hospice." MCR inspired poem. Feedback hugely appreciated. :)

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Just another face in the crowd,
Trying to do his daddy proud.
Just another corpse and coffin,
A human loss to up Life’s win.

Death’s a party and life’s a hospice,
No bed for rest, don’t need no mattress.
Burn it all to ashes and back,
Stunning red and breath-taking black.

A pretty little girl rotting alive,
Only the damned here shall survive.
Tendrils of smoke around blonde curls,
Distorting beautiful bullets into hideous pearls.

A man dressed in his suit and tie,
Denying that his whole truth is a lie.
Living for hate and dying for love,
Sin fits him like a lead glove.

A darling dear baby dead before dawn,
Gone too soon to be someone else’s pawn.
Silence in the nursery and all else around,
Shoving the innocent into the ground.

A monster stalking in the night,
Too terrified of life to cause fright.
Beasts and beetles devouring life,
As though their own is the one in strife.

Angels falling and sinners flying,
Too deaf to hear the living dying.
All clocks stopped and time bombs detonated,
The end needs to be celebrated.

A long lost teenager crying alone,
Wanting sharp thorns, not a warm throne.
A soul too lost to even be missing in Life’s fog,
Weak and yet ready to face Satan’s slog.

A band of the brave falling to Death,
Not screaming as they run out of breath.
Abandoned children singing as one;
“Life’s a bore, but death is fun.”

A/N: Thank you very much for reading and I hope that you liked this. I worked really hard on it, so I hope that came through. I came up with this whilst listening to Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, especially Helena, and The End. on The Black Parade. Please let me know what you think/how to improve! :D
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