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(#) RayTorosArmy 2012-10-02

Hey, I wrote 'Save me' and I just wanted to tell you that this ending is impossible and if it were to happen I wouldn't have written it xD I laughed while reading this, and found it highly entertaining that you would make Mikey save him on a unicorn. I prefer my ending myself. Maybe you would too if you took the time to read the work. I fail to understand how you could have wrote an 'ending' without reading the fiction, maybe you thought it was predictable or something.
Whatever, I liked it and it was funny. xo

Author's response

Don't worry, I am fully aware that my ending is not correct, I just find joy in humor :D I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud that you like it, and even though I have not read the story myself, my friends have given me a detailed run-through of it. Also this was completely by chance in a stupid conversation I came up with this idea I am so happy you even looked at this!