Review for Death Doesn't Care Who You Are

Death Doesn't Care Who You Are

(#) Mirazal 2012-10-04

Oh my god.
You kinda just made me cry. But that's okay.

God, this is what everyone feels but no one really wants to say it.....

Everyone's going to die.
But you did this really nicely. Great job!
(Sorry for this somewhat incoherent review. My thought process went from WHOA to deep shit, man, to sad to wow.... it was kinda disjointed.)

Author's response

Oh wow, I didn't really expect anyone to read it or even like it! Aww I feel bad for making you cry now, don't cry, it's not true! Gerard Way is still alive and well!
Funny you should say "Everyone's going to die" because that was my first title choice :L
Aww thank you so much, your words seriously mean a bunch to me!
It's okay, this response is probably really disjointed as well.