Review for People Deserve to Die

People Deserve to Die

(#) RockMusic 2012-10-06

I'm a terrible person. I'm an odd person. I'm a terribly odd person, I am a sick sick adolescent female, I am ashamed of myself. I'm ashamed, because I'm in love with this. I actually "aww'd" at the end and said "adorable". It's just so cute. I love it.

This story is amazing, as is your writing. I liked when they killed the waitress... I'm sick, I'm so awful. I genuinely love the chapter, nothing creepy even went through my mind. Oh dear I'm fucked up. Oh well…

Author's response

This made me so happy. :P Well if you think of this way: I'm the one who is writing it, you're just reading it; it makes you a lot less messed up. Haha. Thank you do much! :) I wanted to make it cute in a fucked up way. Glad I accomplished it! :P