Review for The Drugs Make Us Numb; They Don't Keep Us Sane

The Drugs Make Us Numb; They Don't Keep Us Sane

(#) Mirazal 2012-10-17

Oh my- wait what auditions? What?

I liked this chapter... should get things moving really quickly.... they really are a cute couple.

I was watching an interview of Gerard at Comic Con and he really looks older. It's weird. Like, we all still want to think of him as young and black haired when really that era is so eight years ago. I CAN'T ARTICULATE MY FEELINGS ON THAT

Anyway. Please update again soon! This was really nice.

Author's response

Yeah, I have auditions posted for this story lol. For victims. I'll start flying through them here pretty quick actually now that I have Rian where I want her, lol.

Yes, that's the idea! But there is still quite a bit left. I might drag this one out, but I don't want to abruptly end it. :D Thanks. I love writing them together. It's fun, and easy- very smooth.

I haven't seen anything recent of him! Or of any of the MCR or Panic! members... or FOB. It's almost too painful lol, because it reminds me... I'm getting older too!
I can't begin to tell you my feelings either lol. Some days I still feel like I'm in HS. X.x

I'll try to! Thanks!