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24- Caged

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Gerard drugs Rian.

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Rian returned to the bedroom in Gerard’s robe, with a towel wrapped around her hair. Gerard was sitting up, staring intently at his cell phone.

“Who are you talking to?” Rian asked, as she sat down beside Gerard.

“I was just texting Mikey.” Gerard answered, setting his phone down. “You’re wearing a little too much, I think.”

Rian smiled sweetly, “I hope I didn’t turn on your ‘always gonna be a perve’ switch because I don’t think I could handle constant sex.”

Gerard laughed, “Even I can only take so much. I just appreciate your body.”

Rian disrobed and placed the towel that was holding her hair up on to the floor. She quickly crawled under the blankets though, finding that she was cold. Gerard chuckled and brushed some hair from Rian’s face; it was wet and slightly curled.

Gerard took in a deep breath and tried to make his question sound somewhat casual, “When is your period usually?”

Rian found the question odd and thought it over for a second before responding. “It’s usually at the end of the month.”

“So you should be due sometime next week?” Gerard asked.

“Yep.” Rian replied, “Why?”

“I just want to make sure that I get some time in with you before that happens.” Gerard teased, easing Rian’s worries. He didn’t want her to worry about something that might end up being nothing. He didn’t want to put her through the torture that he was going through. He’d thought through every option, including the morning after pill- but he wasn’t all that sure that Rian would take it, and he couldn’t afford the argument, or putting her through that stress.

Rian cuddled against Gerard’s body and groaned in satisfaction. “I feel good… I feel closer to you. It’s nice.” She admitted.

Gerard chuckled as he wrapped his arms around Rian. He thought about how close they might really be. If Rian were to get pregnant that would change everything for them, in ways that Gerard couldn’t even currently process. “I feel closer to you too baby.” He finally whispered, as he gave her a gentle squeeze.

More than Gerard’s fear of the future was his fear of current times, and how Rian wanted to go back home for the time being. If she was carrying his child then he definitely couldn’t allow that.

He waited until she started snoring before he pulled away and went back to his phone. He had plans to make, and they weren’t plans that Rian would like.

It would only be a week though. In a week or so he would know, and then Rian could make her own decision- maybe.

Gerard ran his fingers through his hair and double checked the sleeping pills he was researching online through his phone. Each website he checked stated that they were safe for pregnant women, but to check with your doctor in case. Gerard didn’t think it would matter at this point, but he was overly paranoid when it came to Rian and so those were the ones he ordered, using the overnight option.

It had another quick delivery option that could get the pills to Gerard by the next day at 11 a.m. and so Gerard checked that off as well, knowing that Rian could end up hating him for his actions.

He couldn’t help it though. The idea of her going back home terrified him. He felt so vulnerable with her there, and he didn’t like that feeling. He wasn’t used to it.


Gerard was exhausted when morning came but as soon as his alarm went off at 10:00 AM he crawled out of bed, careful not to wake Rian.

She was snoring peacefully, taking up most of the bed and all of the blankets were piled upon her as her limbs were curled up in each blanket.

He took a moment to watch her. He liked to watch her when she slept, and though even to him that sounded creepy he couldn’t deny it. She was so peaceful in her sleep, and so safe. He liked when she was safe- and when she was asleep they weren’t arguing. He knew that he had a lot more arguing to do with her. She was going to give him hell- but he couldn’t walk away from her. He’d never been able to, even when it hadn’t made sense for him to want her around.

After Gerard showered the doorbell rang. Rian peeked out of his bedroom, “Want me to get that?” She sounded a little nervous and he knew why. She was afraid her dad would come looking for her- and that he would come here.

“Nah, I got it.” Gerard called.

Rian rolled her eyes, “You’re in a towel! Let me get it.” But he was already heading towards the door. She shook her head and mumbled something under her breath, and Gerard was sure it was a ‘kind’ curse word- because she wasn’t very good at cursing.

Gerard just stared at the package on his doorstep for a few minutes. It made his plan a lot more… real. He was actually going to ‘kidnap’ Rian. Inside of the package was a bottle of pills that would knock Rian out so that he could successfully move her. It was the least harmful approach that Gerard could think of.

Rian appeared beside Gerard and reached down to grab the package, “You okay?”

Gerard blinked a few times and took the small package out of her soft hands. “I’m just tired. I didn’t sleep very well.”

“I’m sorry.” Rian blushed, “I know I got in a few good kicks. I didn’t mean to though.”

Gerard shrugged, “Something I’ll have to get used to.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Rian asked.

“No, it’s me answering your question from earlier.” Gerard closed the front door and gazed down at Rian. “I want you to move in with me once you turn 18.”

Rian beamed at Gerard. “Shall I cook breakfast?”

Gerard smiled in return, “Please do. I’m famished.”

While Rian started pulling out a pan, and clanging in the kitchen Gerard took a second to just watch her and listen to her. It was almost normal to him and he loved it. He never thought life would lead him to such a simple, innocent place- to Rian. Then as he gazed down at the box of pills all of that innocence disappeared because he knew in just a few minutes he was going to betray the beautiful woman standing in his kitchen. He was going to take her freedom and lock her away- because that was who he was, and what he had to do. He didn’t want to hurt her but all he really had to offer was pain, and since she wouldn’t agree to stay… he would make her.

Rian started humming as she scrambled some eggs together in the pan. Gerard smiled, knowing she couldn’t make them any other way. It was something she’d let slip, and another thing that was quite adorable about her.

“Want some orange juice?” Gerard asked, as he stood and pulled two glasses out.

“Please.” Rian responded, with a smile. She was buttering bread, which was slightly burnt. Gerard just grinned. He would eat her burnt toast any day.

Once the table was set Rian sat. Gerard turned his back to her, covering what he was doing. She said something but he didn’t hear. He was too busy breaking apart the pills and dumping the contents in to her cup of orange juice. It dissolved quickly, but his fear of her reaction was still present.

He paused next to the sink and thought of just dumping the glass.

“Which is mine? I’m thirsty.” Rian asked.

Gerard blinked, finding Rian standing behind him.

He glanced at the sink one last time before handing Rian her cup.

She instantly took a long drink, and all of his hope towards backing out evaporated.

“If I did something really bad… would you forgive me?” Gerard asked.

Rian laughed, “Um, do you have something up your sleeve that’s worse than murder?” She had a good point.

Gerard moved his leg as Jack took a swipe. He was absolutely sure that it was payback. Jack liked Rian more than Gerard, and had made than quite clear with his little claws. “He’s attacking me.” Gerard complained.

“Do something bad lately?” Rian asked.

“Yeah.” Gerard replied honestly. “Rian, I’m sorry but I can’t let you go back home.”

Rian was about to speak as her fork clattered on to her plate. Her fingers had become numb. “I feel weird Gerard.” As the words came out her lips went numb, and suddenly she couldn’t remember what they were talking about. She was just tired.

Gerard sighed, but Rian couldn’t understand why.

He helped her from her seat and she still didn’t understand.

All she knew was that when he finally let her sit in the passenger seat of his car it came as a relief. She laid her head back and let herself fall in to a deep sleep, because she was tired- so tired.


“Are you bringing her here to kill her?” Mikey demanded, as soon as Gerard stepped out of his car. Rian was completely passed out, the only noise coming from her were loud snores.

Gerard was too startled to answer at first.

“I won’t let you.” Mikey shook his head. “Not her. It’s wrong Gerard. It’s really wrong. She hasn’t done anything wrong.”

“I love her.” Gerard muttered, shutting Mikey up.

“So then why kill her?”

“You’re the idiot that jumped to that conclusion.” Gerard informed him. “I don’t plan on killing her. I just- I need to keep her here for a few… weeks.”

“When you asked me to fix up the basement I didn’t know you meant to keep Rian down there.” Mikey said, crossing his arms over his chest. “You’re going to lock her up in a cage, like she’s an animal? That’s not love Gerard.”

“I don’t have any choice.” Gerard snapped.

“Why not?” Mikey sighed and glanced at Rian. “She’d do anything for you. Surely you don’t think she’s a danger to your secret?”

“It’s not that.” Gerard ran his fingers through his hair. This entire plan was frustrating him. “Help me move her, will you?”

“Only if you promise to tell me what the hell is going on.” Mikey replied.

“Fine.” Gerard replied through gritted teeth.


The basement was cold, but clean. Beyond the stairs was a bed, and a table- all caged in. The cage reached the ceiling, and in order to open the cage you needed the key. Once Rian was laying in the bed Mikey handed the key over. “I can’t believe I helped you with this. Rian will never forgive either of us, and what the hell did you drug her with?”

“It’s a safe sleeping pill.” Gerard replied.

“Spill already.” Mikey snapped.

“Rian might be pregnant.” That shut Mikey up.


(The auditions are still being used and the dance that I mentioned earlier in the story is still coming up, the one that Gerard dreamt of.)
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