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25- Dark

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Rian wakes up.

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Gerard ran his fingers through his hair as he groaned in distaste at the topic of conversation. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” he finally spit out, finding himself growing annoyed with Mikey, though he knew his brother meant well.

“Tough.” Mikey replied. “This is something we need to talk about. You have your girlfriend downstairs, locked up- that is something that we need to discuss, because that is something that should not be happening.”

Gerard rolled his eyes. “Rian and I have an unconventional relationship. She understands that.”

“So, she consented to you locking her downstairs then? Why am I asking you that? Of course she did. Cause you totally wouldn’t actually lock her up against her will, because you possibly knocked her up, now would you? That would be… Hmm, fucking crazy.”

Gerard couldn’t make eye contact with Mikey, giving him the answer he already had. Still, he tried to defend himself. “I’m just protecting her.”

“From?” Mikey was the one to roll his eyes this time.

“She… wanted to go home.” Gerard’s mouth was dry.

Mikey’s eyes widened. “She actually… she wanted to go home, and you’re not letting her- so, so this is your solution? You have gone fucking insane.”

Gerard shrugged, “Call me crazy. I don’t particularly care. She’s mine, not yours- and not her father’s.”

Mikey’s eyes narrowed, “She is yours? Do you hear yourself? She’s not property Gerard. She’s a human being. She doesn’t belong to /anyone/.”

Gerard thought the words over for a few moments before responding coldly. “She does belong to me. It’s our love that ties us together, and it’s my love for her that makes me unable to let her go. This is… for the best.”

“This is so fucking wrong.” Mikey stood abruptly. “I’m going to wake her up and take her home.”

Gerard stood as well, blocking his way. “I won’t let you.”

“Will you kill me to stop me, is that how crazy you’ve gone?” Mikey asked, challenging his brother.

After a brief pause Gerard answered. “No.”

“You shouldn’t have hesitated to answer that question.” Mikey snapped, clearly frustrated.

“Her father will continue to hurt her.” Gerard clenched his fists in frustration. “If… if she’s carrying my baby then her father could hurt my baby. I can’t risk my girl and my child and I won’t- no matter the risk. Is that a good enough timely answer for you?”

Mikey looked down as he thought over his words. “Right.” He swallowed hard. “So- it would be a great time for me to get to know her since she might be bringing a little Way in to this world to join us, and maybe we could catch up on television shows. I haven’t yet watched the last season of Supernatural.”

“She hasn’t watched that.” Gerard replied, with a soft smile. “But she likes shows similar to it.”

“Yeah? Cool.” Mikey cracked his own small forced smile. “Are you going to join us?”

Gerard’s smile slipped away. “I have to… blow off some steam.” The glint of the knife Gerard pulled from his pocket caught Mikey’s eye immediately.

“Not- you aren’t going after her father, are you? I don’t think she could forgive that. I don’t think anyone would be able to.” Mikey warned.

Gerard shrugged. “I don’t know yet, but I need to do something. This is hard for me Mikes. I- I never thought I’d face being a father. I don’t think I can be one.”

“We haven’t even gotten that far yet.” Mikey assured him softly. “But Rian’s going to be scared Gerard. She’s going to need you.”

“Yeah, but I don’t think I can be that guy.” Gerard answered. “I’m not a father and I’m not a husband. I’m a killer.”

Mikey didn’t know what to say to that and so he fell silent as Gerard’s footsteps faded down the hallway. The door to the house opened and then closed, leaving Mikey alone until Rian woke.


Rian’s eyes flickered open but she could see nothing, as the entire room was pitch black. There wasn’t even light filtering in from the outside. The room had no windows to allow natural sunlight.

“Hello?” Rian mustered up her courage as she called out for someone, anyone.

She tried to think of where she was or who would do this to her but all her thoughts brought her to were her father, because she didn’t know any other person so cruel. She felt disoriented and betrayed, remembering her last morning with Gerard.

She could remember nothing else.

She stood, trying to ignore the pounding in her head. She felt as if she’d been asleep for days, and now due to oversleeping she was simply exhausted.

The floor was cold and dirty. Rian could feel the dirt accumulating underneath her feet with each step. “Dad?” Rian couldn’t force herself to blame Gerard- even though that was what made the most sense.

She had only made it a few steps when she could go no further. As she reached out she felt bars. She was in a … jail cell. That still matched up with her father. Had he thrown her in jail? Her mind starting making up stories, though they made little sense.

It was dark and she was afraid.

Where was everybody?

… and then she heard the footsteps.
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