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26- He's a Killer

by XxPerfectTomorrowxX

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The lights flickered on, making the darkness disappear. Rian blinked in frustration as she became temporarily blinded by the bright, harsh light.

“Mikey?” The betrayal was clearly outlined in her tone.

“Sorry. I didn’t want to wake you with the light earlier. I guess it is kind of a creepy way to wake up though. Extra apologies coming your way, from me. I feel like this is note worthy. Do you know anything about apology letters and when they are required? I don’t.” Mikey awkwardly rambled as he fought to find the correct words.

“Shut up.” Rian whispered, and it was surprising enough to shut Mikey up. Rian wasn’t even used to telling people to shut up. She wasn’t usually so harsh. She was the opposite, always too kind to be upfront. This was too much though, even for her. She ran her slender pale fingers over the cold bars that kept her separated from Mikey. “I don’t suppose you’ll let me out if I ask real nice, now will you?” Her voice cracked on the words and she swallowed hard. She was unable to look directly at Mikey, and so instead she took in her surroundings as the confusion washed over her.

Mikey looked down, even though she wasn’t looking at him. “It’s not that easy.”

“Why not?” Rian asked, starting to feel hopeless. “Is this your way of keeping me away from Gerard or something?” She couldn’t imagine Gerard betraying her like this. He couldn’t be involved. There was no way. “Are you…” Something terrifying came to mind as the words tumbled out. “Are you like Gerard?”

Mikey didn’t quite understand at first. “I am his brother… I mean, we share a blood line but we’re pretty different. I’m not in to you like that, if that’s what you think. I mean, you’re pretty… you’re fucking hot but I don’t- I don’t think that matters right now, does it?”

Rian glanced at him in total confusion. “Are you a killer?”

As she clarified Mikey finally understood. “Oh… /oh/, no. No, I don’t- I don’t do that. I er, I tattoo people for a living actually.”

“Oh.” Rian wasn’t quite sure what to say to that. “Why are you doing this then?” She wasn’t as scared as she had been when she’d woken… but she wasn’t really comfortable either. She was caged, like an animal- and she didn’t even like the idea of animals being caged.

Mikey sighed loudly. “Hell no.” He finally whispered, confusing Rian even further. “I am not taking credit for this lovely idea. I’m not… I’m not the reason that you’re here Rian.”

“Oh?” Rian could feel the color draining from her cheeks.


(Gerard’s POV)

“Looks like someone is calling.” The slender young woman in front of me stupidly commented as she gazed down at my vibrating cell phone. Her black hair bounced along and I boredly took hold of one of the pig tails. She looked away from my cell phone and in to my eyes. I stared at her blue gray eyes with slight interest. When she cried it would be all natural. She wore no make up. I found that to be interesting, and hoped it was still worth while.

“So, what’s a girl studying clothing design doing wearing such little clothing?” I casually asked, as I slipped my finger under the hem of her bra. It was all she was wearing at the moment, that covered her top half. She was still wearing skin tight jeans. She was a step ahead of all the other girls, who had yet to take off their shirts. It was a risqué club. The perfect spot to find someone so vulnerable… it was what I needed.

She grinned widely, “Well this bra has a wonderful design and…” But I didn’t really hear what she said. My phone started vibrating again.

She noticed my lack of interest. “Who is Mikey?”

“No one.” I quickly hit the ignore button. “No one of importance. Now, what’s your name again sweetheart?”

“Avan.” The girl smiled again. “Avan Gray.”

“Well, how about we blow this place Ms. Gray?” I smiled in her direction and she didn’t stand a chance. She melted immediately, and I just knew this was going to be easy.

I didn’t have much time, so that was a good thing.

Avan followed me from the club, as my phone continued vibrating in my pocket. What could Mikey need? Nothing. He didn’t need anything. What about… Rian? I paused at the entrance of the club, stopping Avan in her tracks.

“Hello?” I answered yet another incoming call.

“Please tell me it’s not true.” Rian breathed out, causing my thoughts to immediately become jumbled and confused.

Now was not the time.

I said nothing.

“Gerard-” Rian’s tone changed from bad to worse as the music drifted through the phone. “W-where are you? Are you, are you out partying? My god. I’m here, locked up and you’re- you did. You did set this up.”

I closed my eyes and swallowed hard, shivering as Avan ran her fingers over the back of my neck. I would enjoy killing her.

“I can’t believe you’d do this.” Rian whispered, painfully. “This isn’t something you do to the one that you love.” She didn’t say anything else, and she didn’t give me the chance to- though I wouldn’t know what to say anyway.

The line went dead.

Avan giggled. Somehow it came out louder than the music. She was all that I could see, and all that I wanted. I wanted to see her bleed.

“Shall we?” She extended her hand, dragging me from the club.


(Rian’s POV)

I stood in shock, staring down at Mikey’s phone.

I could call 911 before he got to me but I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t do that to Gerard. I could call my dad but I really didn’t want to, and so I didn’t. I had no one. I had no one… other than Gerard, and that wasn’t turning out so well. “Why?” I finally asked.

Mikey was slumped on the couch across the room. I could see the television from where I was, but it wasn’t the most wonderful view. I couldn’t really tell what he was watching.

“Did he say why?” I rephrased the question, finding that I wasn’t nearly as surprised as I should be. I felt… numb to what was happening. It was like it wasn’t real. It didn’t feel real.

Mikey looked uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable; he might as well be. “I think he should tell you. I don’t much like being the middle man.”

“I don’t much like it either.” I bitterly muttered, feeling slightly bad. This wasn’t Mikey’s fault. He was… allowing it, but it wasn’t his fault. I just wanted, /needed/, to know what was going on. Unless all that was going on was that Gerard had gone off the edge, and now I was to be kept like some damn bird in a cage for the rest of my life.

That had better not be it.

I was open to most things, but that was not one of the things I would be cool with.

Mikey sighed loudly once again. “I’m sorry Rian. I really am.”

I paused, trying to make those words matter. Unfortunately I couldn’t. “Yeah, me too.” I finally responded. The words tumbled out, sounding as dead as I felt.


(Gerard’s POV)

“What’s your biggest fear?” I whispered in to Avan’s ear, in between nibbling on her earlobe. Her skin was soft. It would be so easy to cut. I could feel the heat beneath her skin. It was as if the blood wanted out as badly as I wanted it out.

“Um needles.” Avan squeaked, after moaning.

I started to lightly kiss along her neck. “Anything else? Anything… a little more… risqué?” I smirked against her skin.

Avan giggled nervously, “I’m afraid of not being able to breath. Does that count?”

“It does.” I smiled, licking the side of her neck.

“Did you just lick me?” She laughed again, but didn’t move away.

“I did. You taste good.” I commented, allowing her to further melt against me. She was ready for the kill, and I was more than ready. “Will you trust me sweetheart?”

Please don’t.

I wouldn’t mind the fight.

“I- yeah.” Avan gasped.

Trust was easily given. People didn’t seem to understand the concept. They simply agreed to the terms without reading the conditions. It was all so common. I wasn’t surprised.

“Good, because I want to try something.” I whispered in to her ear, feeling her shiver.

“Can you turn on the music? It helps me relax.” Avan muttered, shifting against the passenger seat of my car.

“Sure thing sweety.” I answered, turning the radio on. The noise blasted free and I leaned closer, “I’m going to make breathing really hard now, okay?”

“What? Oh- okay.” Avan gave in, but sounded quite hesitant.

She could hesitate all she wanted.

It was too late now.

My lips didn’t leave her neck as my hand took hold of her mouth none too gently. My other hand kept her in place as I squeezed her nose shut with my fingers.
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