Review for This Actually Means Something to Me

This Actually Means Something to Me

(#) Mikeyunicornrawr 2012-10-18

Music is simply amazing. I myself love to sing and wish I could learn to play an instrument. Music can help when kind words from a friend can't and that makes it very special.

Author's response

It truly is. Music is one of the things that keeps me going. That and art really..... I've tried a few instruments but I've failed each time I've tried.... :/ I've tried cello, clarinet, guitar, piano... Singing I'm decent at, and it's the one I love the most, but I don't think I'll ever to be able to make a career out of it (as much as I want to). I just love music in general I just can't live without it it has too much impact on my life :)

Thanks for the comment xoxo