Review for Not Looking

Not Looking

(#) pixied_secrets 2006-11-07

so i'm going to "itemized list" this one, because i have a lot to say...

a.) i feel like a douche because i was so confused when i read your last chapter. it makes complete and perfect sense now, and i have every intention of re-reading it.

b.) you are a fucking genius. what you are doing with this story is revolutionary. this plot line is like the Jay-Z of plot lines. jigga what?

c.) how did you come up with this? because if there is some magic imported purified water that i have to buy in order to be as original with my writing as you are with yours, then i am so there. seriously, hook me up…

Author's response

argh! I really needed this review, I was losing faith so quick in this story, you have no idea. :( This has encouraged me to keep going with it.