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Chapter 6 - Normal is Boring.

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Any confusion over the plot thus far? Ask me! I don't bite....well...maybe a little.

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Throwing herself over in the bed she ripped back the sheets and moaned as sleep just wouldn't settle on her that night. She lay back and threw her hands by her side. That's when the dream came.

She could see Patrick, he was alone in the dressing room after their original encounter.

He leaned against the pool table and shook his head. He clearly seemed agitated. Walking over to the fridge he pulled out a few mini bottles of alcohol. Impatiently he unscrewed them all and knocked them back. He thumped his fist hard on the pool table as the burn of the alcohol stung his mouth and throat and eventually his stomach.

A flash

It seemed to have moved on in time, he was fighting with Pete. He looked horrible, he was messy and his body language uncontrollable. Pete pushed him and he flew against the wall, Patrick went for him, now they were fighting. What the hell was going on, why was Patrick like this?

Another flash

He was alone in a room, bottle of vodka in his hand and he swigged it carelessly, it seemed pride had left him. There was no-one with him. He looked dead inside.


He looked older now, he was in a bed and there was no-one around him, why was he alone?? He looked very sick, in fact, now he looked dead on the outside.

She opened her eyes quickly, the breath was caught in her chest and she rushed out of bed, throwing water on her face. She stared in the mirror.

"A fore gleam..." She whispered.

She found it hard to comprehend how the slight changes she made in her Track Back this afternoon could have stopped the destructive path that Patrick wanted to follow. If he was destined for that path then it was going to happen - wasn't it?

"Oh I don't know." She muttered. She threw herself back down in her sheets and closed her tights.

"Now sleep damnit!" She cursed herself.


They spoke to her again in her sleep.

There's/ more of you than you think. /

I wish I could show you how many because then you wouldn't feel alone.

Understand that Mid-Heaven is very proud of you and the work you do. It never goes unnoticed, we'll never let you go through more than you can bear.

You're a very special people.


Olivia always knew she was different from the day she had a Track Back when she 15 years old, confronted by a group of girls after school one day. She'd reversed the confrontation by walking home a different way.

When you're a kid though, you don't realize you're different until you're well established in society and find out that the things that happen to you don't happen to others.

Everything in her life was completely normal. She had a great childhood, no brothers or sisters, a normal Mom and Dad. All she knew is that sometimes, she was given a second chance to make alternate decisions.

When she was 18 years old, she had her first conversation with 'them'. No-one else could hear, she'd never seen 'them' or questioned it. And she never questioned it because it felt natural to her.

A revelation of truth that she was a force to be used for good, she would affect peoples lives and spend her life making minor adjustments to people's thinking to ensure they never swerved off their course of success.

It wasn't a godly force but it wasn't from earth, it was from a place they referred to as Mid-Heaven. In every sense of the word she was human in form except she had this gift. She hadn't comprehended that yet.

She finished school like every other kid, she trained in her vocation as a sound technician and now 22 years old was fortunate to have the best job she could have ever wanted.

She understood that she just had to live her life and that she would be used as and when to help those around her, adjusting the course of wrong decision making and correcting. It was simple right?


Olivia screamed out as she felt the pain of being wedgied. She whipped round and grabbed Dirty, tackling him to the floor in the venue, their last one of the tour. The tour monkeys were causing complete havoc behind stage and acting like it was a circus.

She grabbed him and yanked hard on his boxers, she was surprised he was wearing any, he was such a filthy animal.

He yelled out and she pulled harder, wriggling from him as he tried to grab hers too, she was laughing so hard and the boys laughed from their spot on the sofa's.

Dirty swiped her leg and she fell on to her back hard.

"Ohhh - Dirty Dog's got her down!!" Pete laughed.

"Bundle!!!!" Joe yelled and they rushed over.

"No!!!!" She squealed,

They'd bundled on one by one and she laughed hard.

"God - Dirty your breath is so bad!!" She squeezed out, she covered her mouth and he breathed on her further. She squealed and kicked her legs as hard she could.

"Get your hands off my breasts now!!" She squealed.

"I'm being molested!!" She cried and they slowly moved off.

She stood up and adjusted her pants.

"For the love of God Dirty, that ain't right!" She moaned, he just smiled at her, he rubbed his nipples and she shook her head.

Patrick was sitting on the sofa, grinning at her. She looked at him.

"What are you grinning at Stump?!" She asked with an attitude. He shook his head and she rushed over to him, he leapt up from the sofa and ran from her, having no idea what she was going to do.

She grabbed his arm and pulled him round where reached out and tickled him.

"Something funny Stump?" She laughed raising her eyebrows.

He curled up and tried to get away from her teasing hands, he backed against the wall and she continued to poke and reach in his unprotected areas.....(calm yourselves ladies....).

"Olivia!!" He laughed out, calling out as the tickling tormented his nerves.

"Tell me what's funny - I saw how you smirking at me!" She continued,

"Nothing! It was nothing!!" He laughed, she ribbed his side tummy and he jerked away and she pressed him harder against the wall and gripped him suddenly.

"Olivia!" He gasped, his eyes wide and she sniggered to herself.

"Not here!" He growled, she tickled him again and he laughed uncontrollably. She let him go and he discretely sorted himself.

"Where then?" She asked, he looked at her with big eyes from under his cap and she jabbed him again, he yelled out.

"Stop it!!" He laughed.

"People are looking!" He whispered, she dropped him like a hot brick and stepped back.

She looked behind her slyly and could see Richard looking. Stepping backwards she smirked at Patrick, before turning and walking away from him.


"What's going on here - you're completely kicking my ass tonight!" She whined as he'd just laid a straight. She threw her cards down in a tantrum and folded her arms.

"Off!" He pointed to her T-Shirt. She hung her head to the side and pouted.

"Off! It's the rules!!" He laughed and she reluctantly wriggled off her T-shirt. She threw it at him and he peeled it off his head.

"Schmexy." He said and dropped it on the bed.

They dealt again and continued playing, she sipped on the glass of wine, watching him suspisioucly as they eyeballed each other. She reach out and knocked off his cap.

"Hey!!" He shouted.

"You're using it as a tactic - the hat stays off!" She pointed. He smiled and sorted his hair, she reach across and gently swept it off his face and sorted it for him, his eyes staying on her.

She softly cupped his face, he smiled gently and she did too.

"You're adorable Patrick Stump!" She smiled, he rolled his eyes.

"Thanks - I always wanted to be adorable....." He moaned, she laughed gently.

"And you're one of the kindest men I know." She added, he raised his eyebrows.

"You're extremely talented but you know that!" She said with a smirk, he smirked too and nodded.

"Yeah I do." He nodded, she laughed.

"Whoever wins your heart is one lucky girl...." She added, shuffling her cards.

"Yeah she is..." He added, she didn't look at him.

"Now, if I deal this time you have to promise not to cheat! Cos I had enough of your winning for one-"

Silenced by his hands grabbing her face firmly and him kissing her hard. He pulled away slightly but only centimeters. His lips hovered close to hers. Her breath gently escaping her mouth in shock.

Olivia shook her head, objecting to the move he'd made. But her hands were disobeying her head and pulling his head closer where she opened her lips for him and their tongues met for the first time. Her hand was clenched around his T-Shirt collar hard and the other hand had a handful of hair at the back his neck.

Patrick rolled on top of her, cards sticking to her hot skin as she did, he laughed gently as he flicked them off. He stared as he picked one off her skin, Queen of Hearts. He tucked it in to her Bra and she giggled.

"That's a keeper!" He said with the cutest smile.

"This feels right!" She whispered, toying with his hair softly. He smiled and nodded.

"I know...." He whispered, they kissed deeply.

"Olivia, you've helped me in more ways than you've been there for me.......when no-one else could.....You were always there at the right stop me doing stupid things...." He explained pushing her hair back off her forehead.

She stared at him, it was all coming together.

"It's like you were put in my life." He said, she choked gently and he stared as tears pricked her eyes.

"You wouldn't be wrong!" She said, he frowned slightly.


"Oh nothing..." She said softly. He smiled as she did, gently pressing his thumbs along her bottom lip, she kissed his thumbs softly.

So used to being wordless when they had sex, it was a new level of intimacy for them as she told him what she liked and whispered his name several times. It was like they could take their time tonight, there was no hurry for it to be over.

Something felt different for her, she found her emotions hard to control as she experienced his loving that night.

He'd been with her so many times and yet he could feel the difference this time too.

Their hands were all over each other, desperate for the other's touch.

As they came together, her eyes shot open wide and she stared at him suddenly, his eyes were closed but as she touched his face, he gently opened them.

"Did you feel that?" She whispered, he frowned gently.

"Yeah...." He replied. She stared at him and he gently laid her shoulders back down on to the sheets, kissing her lips.

She'd never felt anything like that in her life.

"Are you ok?" He asked, she nodded and he could see the energy that was exuding from her eyes.

"I think so!" She smiled.

"Your shaking!" He whispered. She nodded and blushed a little.

All that could go through her mind was 'Please don't Track Back! Please don't track Back!!'

She didn't want to change anything about this moment.

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