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Chapter 5 - Sorry....Lets go through this one more time.

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Don't expect anything.

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She shook her head firmly and blinked a couple of times, she was staring at her phone still.

'Dressing Room./ I'm actually alone.' /

"You are kidding me - what was wrong with that??" she asked.

It wasn't right

"What do mean it wasn't right - it seemed absolutely alright to me!"

Then why did you get a track back?

She paused and bit her lip.

"Because it wasn't right and not in line of fate of the true path to deep happiness and fulfillment...." She rambled off.

Right, so quit your whining and try again.

"When did you get an attitude?" She frowned.

I just had to witness a less than ideal situation, I have every right to be choosy with my words.

"Got it." She mumbled.


She glanced up from her place on the floor of the sound deck, she was currently re-wiring a dud monitor. This was different though. She had her suspicions and she sloped off, trying to find the dressing room. She stopped outside it and stared at the label addressing the Band Fall Out Boy. She knocked gently, no answer. She opened the door and it opened to a very plush living area and a lot of mirrors.

He looked over quickly, his headphones were stuck to the side of his head and pulled them off. She closed the door and locked it, leaning against it.

"You came!" He whispered, she nodded.

"Of course!" She smiled, almost with a giddiness. They'd never been this bold before.

They stood with an awkwardness, 'what-do-we-do-now' looks on both their faces.

She walked over to the pool table and scattered the balls gently. He turned and looked at her. Noticing her tattoo on her back, he spent a lot of time tracing it with his fingertips when she'd slept sometimes. She turned and gently sat on the table.

"Come over here....." She beckoned him. He walked over, still maintaining a piece of his shyness, he hands wedged in his jeans pocket.

She gently pulled his head softly against her chest and held him.

"Just hold me." He said softly and she did, tight.

She opened her eyes over his shoulder and stared. If only she hadn't jumped him she came in, she would have realized a need he had. Her hands gently stroked his hair.

"Are you ok?" She whispered. His hands gripped her back harder.

"I'm tired....I miss home.....I miss my normal life." He admitted to her.

She squeezed him tighter and just held him for a long long time. Her hands soothing and stroking him.

"You're a good huckleberry!" He smiled and she smiled too, leaning back on her hands against the velvety surface of the pool table.

"Well, that's something!" She said with cheeky grin. He stared at her grinning and she his her teeth as she realized that's what he was staring at.

"You have a nice smile! You should smile more often!"

She just looked at him for a second.

"You're not the first person to say that.......I'm kinda getting a complex...." She said, smiling again.

He reached for her hand and held it softly, pulling her off the pool table. He pressed play on his iPod and plugged in the speakers.

'The Feeling - Fill My Little World' began playing

"Dance?" she asked, he smiled and she took his hands, she gently put one on her waist and took his other one, gripping it gently.

She continued to cheer him up as they playfully moved to the track. She laughed as she broke free and climbed on the pool table, pulling air guitar moves and shaking her hips playfully. Patrick stood looking up at her , smiling wide and watching her make his day.


She sat in the darkness of the motel room she was in, she held out her palm and closed her eyes tight.

"I need you now!" She whispered earnestly.

I know.

"I'm confused - I don't understand what happened today!"

Come on Olivia, you understand the bigger picture, every decision and action you take has a consequence and a reaction.

"I understand that." She frowned, her eyes remained closed.

Now I'm confused.

"Then give me the wisdom to see things clearly and to understand!" She pleaded.

/In time./

"No - now!!" She demanded.

So impatient./ /

She threw herself back on her bed and growled.

"You keep placing me back and I keep reinventing the path of my future and I don't even know what my future is!" She said, throwing her hands up.

Does anybody?

"Now you're being a pain in the ass!" She laughed.

Just know you are meant for great things, but some of them you might not even know until they slip by.

"What saving the world?" She frowned.

Hell no, they had more sense than to give you that responsibility.

"Hey!" She said with a smile.

But you are meant for good. I'm sorry I can't explain everything now but it will all make sense.....I promise!

"For some strange reason I have implicit trust in you!" She said, she allowed a silence to linger.

Her arms gently resting on her chest.

/About the boy..../

She sat up and leaned on her elbows.

"Go on....." She said.

He needs you more than you think.

"What went wrong today?" She asked.

Something that's now fixed, like you always do, you corrected your actions in line with your purpose..

"Would that be the purpose that I don't know?" She asked.

It would.

"Will I ever get to see things how they might have turned out?"

Pay attention to your dreams....

They had left. She opened her eyes and let the soft light of the room comfort her.

"Thank you!" She whispered. She smile to herself.

Your/ always welcome Olivia. Remember, you're not a lone./

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