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Chapter 4 - Rule Breakers

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C'mon, how long was it going to last......really

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When she woke the next morning, she felt the best she had in a long time, for maybe 2-3 months. As she shuffled her legs gently under the stiff white hotel sheets, she could feel the evidence of exactly what she had done the night before.

"What did I do?" She groaned, rolling over and glancing at the clock on her cell phone.

"Argh!" She growled and threw herself out of bed. Late.

She moved into the hotel restaurant casually, grabbing a large mug and pouring hot water into it, throwing a fruit tea in aimlessly. She had a banana in her hands as she made her way out of the food area.

"O!!" She heard the single syllable version of her name being called. She made her way over and she sat at the only spare seat, next to her newly acquainted 'friend'.

"Morning Patrick." She said softly, he smiled.

"Hey!" He sighed, immediately nervous and hovering over his tea. She ignored it.

"Morning Dirty." She said in the same tone to him. He grinned at her like a school boy.

"You do know - I'm going to kill you today!" She said sweetly. Dirty stopped munching on his cereal and stared at her.

"Will it be at all sexual?" He asked, she laughed gently.

"No...." She said shaking her head.

"No it won't be sexual Dirty--but I can't guarantee that it won't involve your lame excuse of a dumb stick...." She added. He swallowed his cereal hard.

"I'm kind of turned on by that." He added, she rolled her eyes.

"ugh! You're a twat Dirty!" She moaned and dipped her tea bag slowly.

"You look different today O...." Pete said, smirking at her, his head tilted slightly, trying to figure it out.

"I washed my hair this morning....." She said with a smile, he laughed and his handsome eyes were on her again.

"No...No it's something in your eyes..." He said thoughtfully. She sipped her tea looked away from the curious looks of Mr Wentz.

"Lets just say...........I dealt with a particular problem last night and I feel........." She stopped and turned to Pete.

"I just got rid of ALL that tension y'know??" She asked, on cue the hat wearing one, choked hard on his tea. Both of them looked at him and he coughed hard.

"Wrong tube!" He coughed out, Olivia looked back to Pete with a big smile.

"Well you should do it more often.....You look pretty when you're happy!" He said, she nudged him again.

"Cute Wentz, real cute!" She muttered.


She pressed the button for the elevator back to their rooms, from behind he silently admired her mass of blonde curls and waves and how the longest pieces reached right down her back as if trying to make roots. As if he'd been caught, she'd grabbed the mass of curls and pulled them over her shoulder possessively. The doors 'pinged' open and she stepped in, he followed and her eyes shot wide open as she realized who it was. They both stood at opposite sides of the elevator, eyes solely on each other.

She stepped close to him and gently pressed floor 7. As the doors closed, she remained close to him and he was so nervous she could almost smell it off him. Her hands gently curled around the collar of his multi-coloured polo shirt and gripped it firmly, her face coming closer to his.

"Thanks for last night...." She whispered, his eyes only stared at her. Staring hard into her eyes, they looked like those secret clay pools you found when you walking aimlessly in a forest.

Her hips gently pressed against his and he seemed to move uneasily, buckling between the lines drawn up between them last night.

The elevator 'PINGED' them out of the trance and she immediately released him. She walked backwards out of the elevator and he followed.

She smirked as she took out her door card and slipped it into the card reader.

"Later Stump...." She said and slipped into her room like a shadow.

"Later...." He said to himself.


It worked surprisingly well. The great thing about it was that due to their characters, nobody would ever suspect a thing. It was a superbly executed covert mission that was going better than either of them had expected.

They'd spent a countless number of nights together now, ranging from "Hi-Let's sex!" to entire hours of evening spent talking and just being cuddle buddy's. She would spend hours softly stroking his hair and listening to his rambles. Whatever they needed that day was satisfied with no questions asked or any expectations to be met.

It was relief from the stress and responsibility that new relationships often brought. The process of jealousy was never a problem, the issues of PDA was also non-existent.

It was a big show that night, slightly bigger venue, more risks, more things to stress her out. The boys sound check was slow and they were clearly bored, she gently fixed the problem with Joe's guitar and he helped her with a string, slipping it through the tiny holes.

"Thanks O!" he said with a smile as he slung it over his shoulder.

"You're gonna have to watch it tonight, your guitar will probably warp after 30 minutes....I'll have the other stringed up anyway." She said as she finalized the settings on his guitar.

She moved over to Patrick and he strummed casually the chords to one of their songs.

"How's it going?" She asked with a little smile as she pulled out the radio from her back pocket.

"Rich, mic test?" She asked, she fixed Patrick's mic and slotted it back into the stand.

She smiled as he continued to strum his guitar, she loved to watch him play, the way his fingers skimmed over the neck of the guitar was so sexy. She walked behind him and he shivered as her fingers softly touched the wires from his in-ear monitoring and tuned in his radio pack on the guitar strap.

As she stood in front of him, his heart fluttered slightly, not one person around them had any idea of the moments they were sharing, it was exclusive and it was amazing. She gently fixed the wires in his ears, her fingers softly brushing against his neck. He bit his bottom lip and she smiled knowingly.

"I got it." He said, acknowledging the monitor was working.


Her eyes smiled at him. His eyes smiled her. Pete's eyes smiled at them both. Damn his sense of gossip.


'Dressing room. I'm actually alone. '

She re-read the txt, checking who it was from: Patrick Stump

She glanced up from her place on the floor of the sound deck, she was currently re-wiring a dud monitor.

This was different.

She had her suspicions and she sloped off, trying to find the dressing room. She stopped outside it and stared at the label : Fall Out Boy. She knocked gently, no answer. She opened the door and it opened to a very plush living area and a lot of mirrors.

He looked over quickly, his headphones were stuck to the side of his head and pulled them off. She closed the door and locked it, leaning against it.

"You came!" He whispered, she nodded.

"Of course!" She smiled, almost with a giddiness. They'd never been this bold before.

They stood with an awkwardness, 'what-do-we-do-now' looks on both their faces.

She walked over to the pool table and scattered the balls gently. He turned and looked at her. Noticing her tattoo on her back, he spent a lot of time tracing it with his fingertips when she'd slept sometimes. She turned and gently sat on the table.

"So...." She said gently. The excitement building up in her was making her chest shallow and the breaths in her throat, very very short.

"Er..." He stammered and coughed, he came closer and adjusted his hat gently.
Her hands gently pressed against his jacket and slipped it off his shoulders.

"Olivia...." He said, barely a whisper, she continued to undo his clothing. He closed his eyes. Unsure as to why his hands felt so very heavy by his side as she unfastened his jeans.

"Shhhh..." She whispered close to his lips and there was complete silence as she unzipped her hoodie and pulled his hands round her body to hold her. She undid her jeans and shimmied them off, her flip flops going with them.

Olivia's POV

Sometimes I just want him inside me and nothing more. It's like a dirty craving I shouldn't have but I know he'll give it to me. And when we're together, he makes me feel so good about myself.
I keep wanting to say 'When we make love' but it's not that, there's sometimes no connection between us, even if I really want it. I shut it down. I have too much to lose to fall for this boy and I'm not ready for a conventional relationship just now.

There's something in his eyes that's making me feel strong things today. I feel like he's holding back, his hands are like wet fish on my body and I don't understand, have I upset him in some way?

He's holding back, he's not himself, I'm doing all the work today. Usually he can't wait.

I'm over analyzing, my mind isn't on the sex, it's on him.


Do not think about the boy, just do what you need to do.

He's looking at me weird, and I can't help it, I can't look away, my hand is on his face and his eyes close momentarily as he does his best to please me. And he is pleasing me. There they are again, he's looking at me again, this is hard. I close my eyes tight and turn my head to the side, reminding him of the 'working conditions'

Patrick's POV

She's beautiful today. Look at her, she's incredibly sexy and no-one knows except me. I'm finding it hard to just be like this with her, I'm letting her take the lead today, I'm scared if I do, I might frighten her.

She makes it so easy for me to feel more for her. She gives me everything I need, everything I want, except herself. It's the one thing I want too.....

I'm drawn to her especially today, god, when she touched my face I thought I would explode.

Look at those lips, they're wasted without mine on them. I know we'd enjoy it much more if we were allowed to kiss.

He took her hands and pinned them by the sides of her head as they continued their encounter on the pool table. He hovered close to her and she felt those boundaries that had been so selflessly laid, being torn down by his desire, and not just his, her desire too.

"Just one...." He whispered, close to her lips.

Rule No. 1 just broken: He spoke.

"Against the rules..." She moaned gently, arching suddenly as he pleasured her.

"We already broke this one..." he whispered, she closed her eyes tight.

He came closer and the very edges of their lips, grazed ever so slightly. It sent a huge pulse through her body and she let out a sigh. He smiled and then committed.

With the passion already at high peaks for them both and already being very close. The kiss fired up a huge chemical reaction between both. She leaned up and kissed him hungrily. He kissed her just as impatiently and his hand wrapped around her thigh tightly as he devoured her lips. Her hands were all over his face and hair, and as she broke away for air, they both came hard. His lips trapping hers in-between his and he moaned into her mouth.

For the seconds and minutes after, her hands held his head gently into her neck.

The pulled away gently, unraveling themselves from each other and pulling their clothes around them.

This friendship was over.
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