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Chapter 3 - Paper Airplanes

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Boredom is a DANGEROUS place to be when you're sexually frustrated.....

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She leaned over her balcony and sighed, the wind blew her hair across her face and her fingers tangled in it as she tried to scrape it off her face.

She wrote on the piece of paper 'bored' , she folded the paper firmly into an airplane, she threw it off the balcony and it whisked off, downwards towards the plaza.

She smiled contently, feeling better already, on another piece she wrote 'jealous', repeating the attempt of origami and whipping it off with a clever flick of her wrist.

"Looks like fun!" the voice said, she looked quickly, caught in the act. She saw Patrick leaning on his balcony. She laughed and glanced as her 2nd airplane nosedived into a tree.

"That figures!" She groaned, Patrick laughed.

"Is there any purpose to this or can anyone join in?" He asked, she leaned towards him and rested her chin on her hand. Her eyes watched him carefully.

"Yes and to the 2nd part!" She smiled, he smiled bashfully.

"But you can, because you're you!" She smiled wider.

"What do I do?" He asked, she held up a pen and piece of paper.

"Write the feeling you want to throw away on the piece of paper!" She instructed, she wrote down ' murder ' and showed Patrick, he laughed hard at her.

"The murder of Dirty?" He asked, she raised one eyebrow and he laughed again,

"Fold, throw...and hope no-one dies...." She said, folding the paper and lunging slightly as she threw it wide.

He went in briefly and came out with the hotel headed paper and a sharpie. He held the paper down as he wrote.

He held up the paper to her and she smiled. ' TIRED ' in big bold letters, he folded it and dropped it over the edge, it plummeted down.

"Poor aerodynamics Mr Stump!" She said, he pouted slightly. She scribbled the word down on her next piece of paper.

She held it up to him. ' scared ' written in joined up handwriting. She folded it and sent it.

"What are you scared of?" He asked, she glanced at him.

"That's not part of the process Patrick...." She said.

He wrote down another word. They continued for ages, deciding they'd have to rip the paper in half if they were to continue or they were going to run out very soon.

She hesitated as she wrote this time and he peered over, trying to see, they'd stopped showing each other some time ago, as it became a little more honest.

She was distracted by a paper airplane that landed on her balcony, she looked up suddenly, he was staring at her. She picked it up and still.....he just stared at her.
She unfolded it and her eyes fixed on the letters. 'YOU'RE NOT UGLY.' He must have seen her last attempt. Her eyes slowly trawled up to meet his opposite her.

She slowly wrote the words on the piece of paper. Launched it to his balcony. He picked it up and unraveled the message: 'Can't find love.' was written and it took his breath away for a moment, so much feeling on a small piece of paper.

He returned it, and picking up the incoming from him, she held her breath. 'LOVE CAN'T SAVE YOU '

She nodded and pushed her lips together, that pretty much tore her heart up. She overpowered her emotions with humor, scribbling quickly, not folding the paper this time, she just screwed it up and threw it at him. He laughed as it hit him and he caught it, quickly unwrapping it.

'I'd be happy with some sex!'

He laughed and she smiled at his chuckle. It was infectious.

He turned over the paper she'd thrown at him and wrote back. She caught it in her palms and flattened out the crumpled paper.

'SEX IS OVERRATED' She giggled and threw the paper over the edge, he gasped suddenly.

"You say that but at least you're getting some!" She smiled, he leaned on the balcony.

"Wrong!" He said, she leaned on the balcony too, they weren't too far from one another.

"You're lead singer/guitarist extraordinaire of Fall Out Boy, don't tell me you haven't had any lately!" She scoffed.

"I got dumped." He said bluntly, her mouth opened slowly and she envisioned taking her foot and wedging it in her mouth as firmly as she could.

"Oh." She said quietly.

"4 months...." He said, she smirked.

"God.....that's nothing.....18 months!" She sighed.

"18 months?? Why??" He asked with raised eyebrows. She shrugged.

"I'm ........" She stopped and frowned at him suddenly.

"Why am I telling you this??" She laughed,

"Because I'm an amazing listener!" He smiled proudly. She shook her head and turned her back on him.

"I'm leaving now!" She said with a little laugh and as she did, felt the screw ball hit her shoulder, she picked it up and unwrapped it.

'DON'T LEAVE!' it had written. She smiled and looked at him, he was grinning.

~~Approx 20 minutes later...whatever, not important. ~~

They sat watching TV in his room but she talked over it, he found this slightly irritating but nonetheless she was interesting. She stopped as she saw his attention on the news, she watched too but discreetly looked across at him. She smiled gently to herself as he rocked his foot back on forth on his knee. He had the cutest habits. She would often watch when they did interviews, he was always nervy but would get comfortable if you got him on a topic he knew about and was confident in.

She reached behind her and pulled her hair band out, rubbing her head firmly, it ached from wearing it up all the time. Patrick glanced a look at her, a double take, a longer one. Suddenly she was a real girl. He'd never seen her with her hair down and as he was admiring it, she was scraping it back up into another messy ponytail.

"You should leave it down." He blurted out, she stopped, staring at him. He blushed like an idiot.

She didn't say anything, she just left it down and slipped the band onto her wrist. There was awkwardness between them both as she tried to look interested in the weather.

He suddenly brought up her work. Asking questions, talking about guitar makes and they both got stupidly excited, nearly orgasming over sound desk equipment. The conversation came to halt suddenly and she looked back to the TV.

"Play cards..." He asked, she grinned. She leaned in and slung an arm over the back of the luxury sofa.

There was a long pause as she rounded up all the courage in her stomach and instructed her body to send it to her tongue ASAP.

"I was thinking........something a little more......../beneficial/ ........." she said, her nerves racing around her head.

"Beneficial?....." Patrick said, noticing the change in her body language.

"For us both....." She said in a soft tone, her eyes slowly meeting his. He coughed slightly and rubbed his hand on his thigh, where it had secreted sweat in a sudden rush.

"Er......" He stammered, she immediately felt stupid, he coughed again and looked on the edge of a nervous episode.

Reality bit back and it bit kinda hard. She shot up from her relaxed, seductive posture on the couch , her back becoming rigid with embarrassment.

"I'm sorry! - I'm totally sorry........I should go!" She gushed, turning on her heels, she stopped and picked up her flip flops.

"Wait!!" He said firmly, rushing up too and she froze. He walked towards her and she looked at him.

All that could be heard were the faint sounds of the huge hotel running it's daily business. Doors closing and very faint voices. The TV on standby, giving off that high pitched whistle that annoyed the hell out of her.

He stepped closer still, closing that distance between them both. Very slowly, cautiously, new territory meant new boundaries.

She sighed slightly and he felt her breath on his lips with such a softness.

"Nothing committal......" She whispered softly.

"Just....helping each other out....." She added. His eyes were on her lips as she spoke and he was right up close to her now, her eyes level with chin.

"Huckleberry friends...." He said gently. Her lips moved effortlessly into a smile.

"Huckleberry friends..." She repeated. She pushed off his hoodie and it fell to the floor.
In return, he pulled up her T-Shirt and it flew over her head at warp speed. She suddenly felt very exposed and his eyes wandered down.

"Er...." He stammered, she laughed gently and her arms reached down and lifted his T-shirt.

It was surreal, so surreal. They'd both had friends who had talked about these types of relationships before but it was out of character for both of them to now be having one themselves.

Each of their hands were fumbling with the others jeans and she giggled playfully as they pulled them off and she hopped slightly, he helped her pull off the last of them from her ankle.

"Thanks!" She said automatically. He laughed gently and they were now stood there in their underwear. He took her hands and he stepped backwards towards his bed and he sat down, pulling her onto him.

"There are rules!" She said as his hands slid round her curves.

"Uh huh..." He said

"No kissing on the lips...." She said, he looked at her, he'd actually wanted nothing more than to thoroughly kiss those pink lips but rules were rules right?

"No talking......." She added,

"Not even-"

"-Hey!" She said, pushing a finger against his lips.

With the rules given and the game set, they began to play.

She stared at the mosaics on the ceiling of his room, pushing her lips together hard, she'd regretted agreeing to abide by the rules of a Huckleberry friendship. He was a surprisingly amazing lover and it had taken her off guard. As did most things about this amazing man.

Her back arched in response to the feelings they were giving each other and a strong arm slipped under and held her back without too much effort at all. As he lay her back down, kisses followed in-between her breasts and up to her neck and all over her throat and close to her face, she turned her head quickly as he approached the no-go zone of her lips, even if it would've felt amazing.

This was convenience sex, not 'I love you' sex. Maybe the whole scheme of things on the tour would work better if they weren't so sexually frustrated, especially Olivia.

Damn it was over quick and she caught her breath as quietly as she could and he was making the same sounds, obviously doing the same. They looked at each other carefully and she broke the 'silent' silence first by smiling and rubbing his shoulder softly.

"That was-"

"Ah!!" She snapped and pushed her hand over his lips firmly.

Unlike true lovers, they didn't hang around for sweet nothings and hotel room service, she slipped on her clothes discreetly and turned to him before opening his hotel door. She smiled at him and he smiled back, faintly.

The door closed and he put a hand over his mouth.

"oh my god!" he sighed in disbelief and laughed slightly, holding his jeans together.

She leaned against the door of her hotel room, next to his.

"Sweet Lord...." She moaned.
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