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Chapter 2 - Rest Bite with a Tour Monkey

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Dirty makes an appearance, he really is filthy too y'know?? I wouldn't wanna touch him...Sorry it's slow, it's all necessary.

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It was a period of rest bite for them in between the dates and they stopped in Los Angeles. The tour monkey's were up to no good and Olivia frowned and tried to concentrate on her book, The Norton Anthology of Poetry, as they made more than socially acceptable noise in the hall ways of the hotel. She was feeling a little home sick for the first time in weeks. Frankly, she was getting tired of parts of the tour lifestyle. Tension had built between Richard and her as they both shared Senior Sound Technician roles, even though it was Olivia who clearly did the dirtiest work.

"Olivia come out to play!" Dirty whined, banging on her door, she ignored it. Her book was proving much more inspiring than a sweaty dirty tour monkey's ASS-ociation, at this time.

Before she had time to rush to the door and lock it, he had barged in and was grabbing her roughly, slinging her over his shoulder.

"Dirty!!" She cried out, he laughed menacingly as he ran out to the corridor. She laughed a little and squealed as he ran faster.

"You've been a naughty girl O, I decided you to need to go into the naughty cupboard for 10 minutes and think about what you've done!" He said, he opened the door to the cleaning cupboard and hauled her over his shoulder, plonking her on the ground.

"No way Dirty Boy - I ain't going in there!" She laughed, pushing against him. They wrestled hard and she was really serious about not going in the cupboard.

"I swear to God Dirty, if you do this - I will cane your ass so bad!" She shouted, he laughed even more as she fought him hard. He picked her by the waist and walked into the dark cupboard and pushed her in, closing the door quickly and leaning against it.

"DIRTY!!!" She shouted angrily, she thumped on the door, if there was one thing that made her scared it was the dark and she was consumed in the pitch blackness of the small space.

Patrick opened the door to his room and stared at him leaning against the cupboard.

"DIRTY PLEASE!!" She cried hard. She thumped harder and kicked the door. He laughed harder and clearly enjoyed winding her up.

"You have serious issues with women....." Patrick said shaking his head.


"Are you sorry for what you've done?" He asked mischievously.

Her breathing was shortening in the middle of her chest and she put her hand there and pressed firmly, breathing through her mouth hard. She hit the door again hard.

"Dirty...." She said more calmly, only because she was overridden with dizziness. She held her head firmly and leaned against the door.

"You can't come out until you say: 'I'm very sorry Dirty, I've been a very naughty girl!' " He said into the door.

"Oh God!" She said to herself as the panic attack began to envelop her.

She hit the door again and again and could hear him laughing. Inside, she had already planned how she was going to strangulate him when she'd got out of there.

"Just say sorry!" He laughed,

"Dirty, let her out...." Patrick said,

"You know nothing about discipline! Keep out of this!" Dirty said firmly.

"What exactly did she do?" Patrick said, raising his eyebrows.

"Since the first day of this tour, she has been walking around, looking hot, with her little .....Ass and .....she's not even sorry for it!" Dirty reasoned loudly.

Olivia was slumped against the door, tears streaming down her face, trying to control her unexplained fear of the darkness.

Dirty stopped and frowned as he realized he hadn't heard a protest from her in the last minute or so. He gently opened the door and he felt her weight against it, cautiously he opened the door and she fell on the floor.

"Oh my God!" Patrick said , rushing over. He rolled her on to her back and pushed her hair from her wet tear stained face.

"You went too far Dirty!" Patrick scolded him with an angry frown.

Patrick looked down again as he heard her moan and they both stared at she started to come around. Her hand went to her head and she frowned gently.

"You passed out or something..." Patrick said softly.

"Dirty , I'm going to make you die.....start running...." She said, he laughed and Patrick gently sat her up.

"You Ok?" He asked gently, she nodded and moved from his grip. She stood up shakily and Patrick gripped her arm again quickly.
"Thanks...." She said softly. She walked back to her room and she took her arm back from Patrick's grip as she pushed open her door, she crept in and turned to him.

She never said anything, just looked at him and that was all she needed to do, it told him everything he needed. She smiled politely and closed the door, locking it.

Patrick turned to Dirty and put his head slightly to the side.

"Don't you have enough enemies you big screw up?" Patrick asked. Dirty scoffed.

"You can never have enough!" He grinned, Patrick shook his head and went to his room.

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