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Chapter 1 - Loud Indescretions & Rumour Mills

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Tours are gruelling, you do what you love, no matter what part of the entourage you are, guess what, it's not merch either. She has brains.

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The boys sat lazily around, they looked tired but they were doing what they did best, touring. Andy was slouching on his drum kit and Joe sat on his drum platform with a cigarette. Patrick stood swaying with a guitar, Pete was sat on one of the monitors.

"Olivia......." The voice boomed over the sound system, she ignored his tease and carried on screwing in the bolt..

"Olivia....." He called again and she laughed, she shook her head.

"Today Olivia is sporting green panties probably from her local Wal-Mart store, don't hurry to grab your pair!" He said into the mic, it booming in the whole venue.

She grabbed a hand behind her and hauled down her T-Shirt.

"Hey big shots, I'll pay one of you to take off your underwear and gag him with it!" She said from the rigging. Pete laughed. She climbed down and jumped off the last few rungs. She grabbed the radio and pressed the button.

"Er Richard, your girlfriend called, she said not to call her again until you grow a penis because it's just not enough anymore..." She said bluntly into the radio.

"Ohhhh Hell, what a burn!" Joe laughed, Richard was flipping her off from the sound desk at the back.

Olivia was a sound technician for Fueled By Ramen label and she loved her job, even if it was the hardest one in the world. She never moaned about her lucky position and the opportunities she'd been given.

Being on tour with 98% male species, meant that she had to step up in the man teasing area. She'd got it down to an art and even though it was fun the majority of the time, she was missing being able to be a woman and be completely herself.

"You guys should go chillax, you look tired!" She said, wrapping the wire up over her arm.

"I'm going shopping, come with me Olive?" Peter asked, she laughed and shook her head.

"That's not relaxing!" She whined

"I'll buy you lunch!"

"What time do you wanna go??" She asked, they laughed at her and she smiled, making Pete smile more as he saw her lovely teeth.

Olivia wasn't a drop dead gorgeous woman of glamour and beauty. Her job meant you usually found her crawling around on her knees with a screwdriver wedged in-between her teeth so glamour wasn't a forte of hers.

She had great features though and her blue eyes were piercing at times, especially when the evening sun got to them. She was too involved in her job to overly care about her looks and she did her job well. She hadn't screwed up once to date.

Patrick joined them for lunch at Frankie & Benny's, Pete and Olivia were already sharing garlic bread and had made it half way through their two drinks too.

"We were starving, sorry dude!" He said to Patrick as he shuffled in the booth.

"How's it going P Rocka!?" She asked, slinging an arm around him, he smiled.

"Better now I'm here with you losers!" He said, she withdrew her arm and pouted at him.

"That's harsh Stump, we're just trying to be good people!" she said, Pete laughed and swallowed the garlic bread in his mouth.

"No Garlic bread for Mr Bitter here!" she said and pushed the plate away from Patrick.

"I'm glad - you guys are gonna heave later on...." He said smartly. She just grinned at him, stuffing another piece into her mouth. He laughed at her and squeezed her cheeks firmly, she squealed and pushed his hands away.

They ordered their food and ate in between the small talk and gossip.

"So what's with you and this girl then Peter?" Olivia asked, pulling some pasta on to her fork.

"It's me , not her. I'm a total f*wit at keeping a woman." He mumbled. She nodded.

"Yeah...." She said, Patrick laughed and Pete flipped her off.

"I'm so not getting offended by that anymore...." She smiled. The offending finger remained positioned at her as he chomped obtrusively on a piece of pizza. People were noticing and wide eyes were now staring at him, making him very proud of himself., nonchalantly resting his flipped finger arm on the table.

"Stop now Wentz, seriously!" She growled. He stared at her and carried on eating, Patrick's shoulders were hunched over as he gigged like a school girl in the booth.

"It's not me you're offending, it's all the kids Peter!" She said.

"Oooo, pulling the kiddie card.....that's low!" He said, she knocked his hand down and he wrestled playfully.

"Just stop it - people are staring!" She said with a grin on her face. He wouldn't give in, so she dug deep and pulled a dirty move, pushing her foot into his groin under the table. He groaned out in pain and Patrick stared at her suddenly.

"What you do?" He asked her, then looking at his friend rolled up on the seat.

"I kicked him in the balls!" She smiled.

"Dirty move!" He said, shaking his head.

"It was necessary!" She said firmly.


Pete limped back to the hotel, Olivia helped but couldn't help laughing at any given opportunity.

"You wonder why you haven't been laid in all these months!" Pete snapped at her, she laughed hard.

"I second that kid, I'm a repellant to the opposite sex, I can smell their fear!" She laughed, Patrick laughed at her.

"You've obviously never had good sex in your life, that was the actions of someone who doesn't appreciate the value of that part of the anatomy!" He mumbled,

"No....No wait....I had good!" She smiled, Pete laughed

"No...I dreamt that,'re right I've never had good sex...." She laughed.

"Now you never will....." He said, she raised her eyebrows.

"Implying what Peter Wentz?" She asked innocently.

"You've heard the rumors! You know they're true!"

"I heard rumors Peter but .....I dunno...." She said shrugging her shoulders.

"One day I will show you!" He said, she burst out into a ripple of laughter and she shoved him playfully.

"You can't save my doomed sex life....So don't try!" She boldly said.

Pete slung an arm around her and laughed. She smiled up at him.

This relates a true life experience that will always make me smile.... XD
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