Review for Our Lips Touch

Our Lips Touch

(#) imakilljoywannabe 2012-10-23

Awww Gerard and Mikey are so adorable to each other! As jessloui said ^ you gotta love the sibling love!

I love the chapter, it was so cute when Gee and Frankie were being all 'secret lovey dovey' because of Mikey! BUT CASS SAW THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE BAD AT HIDING IT lol XD You gotta love those guys....

Cass is cool too, I don't think I've ever seen a character with her queer little way of doing her hobby. SHE'S AWESOME!!!

All in all I LURVS this chapter!! UPDATE SOON PLEASE!!!!!! xoxo

Author's response

hehe how can anyone not love those guys? they are just so adorable together XD

i like cass she's fun to write about...she's a bit of a free spirit XD I'll try to update soon XD thank you so much for commenting.XOXO.