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30. Sibling love

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Well at least we now know if you don’t make it in a band you’re pretty much all set up for a career as a ‘drag queen'.

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I don't know when the next update will be but here's one for now...It might be a bit boreing but trust me the next chapter will be better XD, there will be new character’s and some action.

I finish my cup of coffee and a cup of honey lemon tea than went to go pull on my black all-stars canvas shoes onto my sock covered feet. Luckily my throat didn’t hurt as much as the day before and I was starting to sound more like my normal voice, just a little raspy. My back wasn’t feeling too bad and the bruises around my neck were concealed completely in a layer of makeup.

I did a good job with the makeup. You can’t even tell that I’m wearing cosmetics.

My mom thought it was all healed and gone, when I told her that I coved it in makeup to avoid awkward questions at school she praised me on how good of job I’d done and inspected my neck more closely.

Well at least we now know if you don’t make it in a band you’re pretty much all set up for a career as a ‘drag queen’. I mean like your already a ‘drama queen’, you can apply makeup better than half the chicks at school and you know how to walk in heels.

Shut up.

The high heels were a dare and it was surprisingly weird how well I could actually walk in Ray’s mom’s red 5inch heels, especially considering I don’t have the best balance and I’m so skilful that I can (and have) tripped over flat surfaces. I shake my head dismissingly and finish tying up my shoe laces.

Yes, let’s not trip embarrassingly over them today.

I grab my old, packed school bag and walked out of my house, wearing my grey skinnies, a black and white striped hoodie with black fingerless gloves with the bones on them covering my hands. I find Cassie sitting on my front door step with her headphones in, blearing her music on full volume, her back towards me. As I shut the door behind me she looks over her shoulder.

“Hey Frankenstein!” she grins widely then jumps up. She picked up a small black back pack that was sitting beside her and shoved her earphones into the pocket of her ‘misfits’ hoodie, which was just slightly too big for her.

“Nice hoodie.” I commented as a greeting, she smiled looking down at the said hoodie and shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s warm and has the best band ever on it.” She stated factually with a smug smile slapped across her face. I notice that she had a different camera on a strap around her neck today, it was smaller than the one I’d seen yesterday but it still looked expensive and professional. Her purple hair was hidden under her striped beanie apart from her jaw length fringe that hung down both sides of her face. We walked down to the street and waited for the Way brothers outside my house.

“You don’t mind me calling you Frankenstein, right? Because if you don’t like it I can call you Frank or Frankie or Iero or whatever fuck you wanna be called.” She looked at her feet as she spoke then picked up her camera and took a photo of her shoes.

“I don’t mind.” I simply answer with a smirk as I watched her take a picture of the ground then I fuse my eyebrows together as I realise I don’t know her last name.

“Hey Cass?” She lifts her head and looks at me with big, round, puppy-dog eyes.


“What’s your last name?” I ask sitting down on the gutter.

You look like a hobo!

Shut up!

Cass walked towards me and stood towering over me.

I feel short.

You are short dickhead.

I looked up at her wondering what she was doing only to be faced with a camera lens, I hear the shutter sound then Cass smiled and sat down beside me looking at the view screen.

“Why do you want to know?” she asked still looking at the screen, pressing buttons. I wasn’t expecting that response and just blinked at her for a moment.

Was it a secret?

“I don’t know. I was just wondering.” I said shrugging my shoulders in defeat. She looked up from her camera and smiled innocently.

“If I tell you,” she started then sighed with a smile “you might not believe me.” I fuse my eyebrows together in confusion.

“Why wouldn’t I believe you?” She half laughed then wordlessly reached into her back pack and pulled out a small card and handed it to me. It was her ID card. I looked at the little picture in the corner and noticed her hair was naturally a dark blond. I read over the details then looked at her name. I smiled and looked up at her.

“Is that really your last name?” I asked grinning. She held her hand out to me and I handed her ID back.

“Yep!” She smirked while dropping the card carelessly back into her bag.

“That’s a bit funny,” I shrug one shoulder “considering you’re into horror movies and everything.” I chuckled. She picks up her camera and takes another photo of me while I laughed. She took a lot of photos of Gerard, Mikey and me yesterday so I was a little use to her randomly taking pictures without warning.

She nod her head once putting her camera down.

“I know. You’d be surprised how many people don’t believe I’m telling the truth.” She sighed and rested her hands on her knees

“But my name is and always has been ‘Cassandra Elizabeth Elm.’” she wrinkled her nose at the sound of her own name been said out loud.

“I like it.” I said honestly and she shot me a disbelieving look.

“You’re kidding right? I don’t really like the name Cassandra, I hate the name Elizabeth and…” she stopped for a moment to think.

“Actually I don’t mind my last name because it reminds me of ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ and I love those movies.” She smiled fondly at the mention of the horror movie then stopped and looked at me with a blank expression.

“But then I use to get picked on because of it.” Her eyes look sad as she glances down at the camera in her lap.

I feel sympathy tug at my heart strings at the thought of Cassie been bullied. Were surrounded in a comfortable silence as the birds sing in the trees and the rising sun scares away any dark clouds that were lurking in the sky from the night before.

“I still like your name.” I mention looking at my feet.

“Thanks.” I can hear the gentle smile in her voice. I looked down the street and grin widely at the sight of the Way brothers all the way at the end of the road. I stand up and hold a hand out to Cass.

“Come on Elm St.” I say endearingly then I bite my lip.

What if she doesn’t like me calling her that?

She did say she use to get picked on because of her name.

She takes my hand and stands up without saying anything.

“Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have called you that but I didn’t mean it in a mean way. It just sounds cool but I won’t call you ‘Elm St’ again if you don’t want me too.” I blurt out feeling stupid.

“Frankenstein, chill!” she giggled and picks up her bag from the leaf littered ground.

“You’re my friend so you can call me ‘Elm St’ if you want, if you weren’t my friend then I would have knocked you out.” She smiled innocently but there was something in her eyes that said she wasn’t kidding.

I look back down the road to see that Gerard and Mikey were nearly half way up the street. Mikey looks up and waves, his poker-face firmly on. Cassie waves back over enthusiastically. Her frantic arm waving action breaks the poker-face mask and earns her a smirk from the younger Way brother wearing light blue jeans, which showed off his awkward knees, and a big drench coat with a simple grey beanie on his head, complete with his dorky glasses.

I smile at Cassie’s greeting then I turn my attention to the older Way brother,

My boyfriend.

Now just say that out loud

Not yet…Fuck off.

Oh wow you changed from the traditional ‘shut up’ to ‘fuck off’.

Well one dose have to spice things up every now and then.

I stare in a daze at Gerard and his tight skinny black jeans.

Fuck could those jeans been anymore tight.

Yumm he looks so good.

Gee’s also wearing a black leather jacket, his long raven hair slightly messy but in a stylish way.

Oh let’s just rape him right here and now!

Nooo….Mikey’s walking right beside him and if I was Mikey I wouldn’t wanna see my brother been raped in the middle of the street by one of my friends.

I don’t think he wants to see anyonebeen raped by anyone.


So if Mikey wasn’t there you’d rape Gee?

I wouldn’t Rape him but I would try to get in his pants.

I’m hypnotised by his presence.

God he looks so hot.

Don’t drool!

I hear Cassie snicker beside me and I snap out of my pathetic trance. I turn my head to face her.

“What?” I ask clueless as to what’s funny. She just raises one eyebrow and gives me an expression that screams ‘You know what’. I shake my head and hold my shoulders up with a confused look. She rolls her eyes and sighed playfully.

“You looked like you were about to drool at the sight of Gee.” She explained in hush tones then looked down the street towards Gerard and Mikey, they were too far away to hear anything.

“You two are just so cute.” She giggled while taking a photo of the brothers. I couldn’t help but giggle too.

“What’s funny?” Gerard asked as he approached our giggling forms, Mikey one step behind. Cass and I stop and just looked at him for a moment then back at each other. There was a moment of silence before we both break out into another fit of giggles. Gerard and Mikey just looked at as like we need the doc’s in the white coats to come and drag us away to the funny farm.

Gerard rolls his eyes and looked at his brother for answers Mikey just shrugged his shoulders in response.

“Maybe there on drugs?” he suggested simply and looked back us as we tried to calm down, but you know what it’s like when you try not to laugh you always end up laughing harder for no reason. Mikey softly smiles and I knew he was about to start laughing too.

The giggles are contagious!

Gerard smirks then looks down at his phone while Mikey tilts his head to one side trying to figure out what’s so funny, without laughing himself.

“Well I think this is the first time ever that we are actually ready for school early.” Gerard comments as he slips his mobile into the pocket of his leather jacket. Cassie suddenly beams brightly and looks at Gerard with wide eyes.

“Hey!” she exclaims excitedly “Is there like a groceries store or something near here that we could go to before school?”

“Umm there’s that small one that’s only a short walk away.” Mikey commented pointing in the direction of the store he was thinking of.

“Why do you wanna go the groceries store?” I ask while turning to walk toward the direction of the store. Everyone else follows. We walk on the cracked and leaf littered sidewalk, Cass on the end then Mikey, Gerard and me on the other end of our footpath dominating line.

“I don’t know, I wanna get some random food and stuff to eat throughout the day.” She answered with a shrug of her shoulders and picked up her camera to take a photo of Mikey who was now looking down texting someone. Gerard quickly glanced in my direction and mouthed the words ‘I love you’. Mikey was on the other side of him so he couldn’t have seen anything even if he had his head out of his phone. I feel my cheeks slightly redden and smirk back. I quickly make sure Mikey is occupied by his phone than mouth back the words ‘I love you too’ to Gerard and he grins with his hazel eyes shining. Cass giggles and we all look at her.

“What?” Mikey asks clueless and Cass just smirks a knowing grin.

“Nothin’.” Cass answered dismissingly and winks at me when Mikey looks back down at his phone.

Obviously she seen the silent conversation between Gerard and I.

I feel my cheeks blush a little more at the thought of been caught doing pathetically cute lovey-dovey stuff. I quietly sigh with embarrassment and look at my feet awkwardly with a small smirk.

“Who have you been texting all morning!?” Gerard asks suddenly out of nowhere sounding a little frustrated. I lift my head to watch the conversation.

“Jenny.” Mikey answers without even lifting his head.

Oh boy.

A slight look of disgust dominates Gerard’s face and tainted his voice.

“Jenny? As in Jenny Cooper?” He sticks out his tongue and screws up his face like he just ate something bitterly gross. Mikey keeps his head down but his eyes moves towards Gerard in a dirty look. Cass takes one step ahead and captures the expressions of both boys with the simple ‘click’ of her camera. She mentioned yesterday that she likes images that express the true emotions and moods of a situation, she explained that ‘a posed for photograph is just a lie, I prefer real images’.

“Yes Gerard. Jenny Cooper.” It was obvious that Mikey was annoyed by his bothers reaction.

“Who’s Je-” Cass starts to say but I shake my head and cringe trying to tell her not to start a conversation about Jenny because I know it will just cause a fight between Gerard and Mikey. Cass raises one eyebrow at me in question. I try to give her a look that said ‘I’ll tell you later’ but I don’t think she understood the massage but she did drop the subject and took a photo of my expression.

“What you guys talking about?” Gerard asks in a smug tone referring to Mikey’s conversation with Jenny. Mikey just fused his eyebrows together in annoyance.

“No, fuck off Gee. It’s none of your business. I’m not going to talk to you if you’re just going to be a bitch towards Jenny.” Mikey snaps and hold his phone closer to his face, trying to etherise the fact that he’s not talking anymore on the subject. Gerard folds his arms over chest like a stubborn child and huff while frowning. He turns his head away from his brother indicating that he is now giving Mikey the silent treatment.

I knew the subject of Jenny would start a fight between those two. I kind of have the urge to say ‘I told you so.’

I can’t help but think that Gerard looks a little cute when he was pouting in a mood. I smirk at his behaviour as Cassie takes photos.

I should ask her for a copy of the photo.

We reach the corner store after walking for a few minutes in complete silence as the two brothers continued to ignore each other.

Sibling love.

A/N ok this is the last boring chapter, next update there is going 2B some action and i'm adding more people (YaY! some from other bands and some just made up)XD thank you for waiting and thank you for reading this. I still have some more exams to do but I thought that an update might be nice. let me know of any errors so i can fix them and tell me if there is anything i can do to make this story better XD.XOXO.
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