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31. Frisson

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God I wanna kiss him, I wanna taste that toothpaste and make him moan for me. In the middle of a groceries store? Ok…I need to control myself.

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A/N Ok so this is like only half the chapter, I've been busy with exams and other stuff but I hope you like it. The next chapter should be better.

We file into the store through the automatic sliding doors, the bell ringing for each of us alerting the shop keeper of costumers.

“Hey!” snaps a deep, rough sounding voice “You kids leave your bags at the door.” Said the shop keeper as he gave us all dirty looks that screamed ‘I know you’re gonna shop lift you little fuckers’ He looked like he belonged in a bad-ass biker gang or something not working as a shop keeper.

We did as we were told and dropped our bags. Gerard and Mikey continued to ignore each other. Cassie took off her camera and placed it gently into her black bag and rested it against the wall out of the way, I positioned my bag in front of hers so it would protect the camera inside. She smiled up at me then she was gone.

I blink twice and look around wondering where the fuck she went.

She disappeared!

She went that way.

Cassie was off walking down each and every aisle like she’s on a mission. I smile a crooked smile than follow closely behind her trying to keep up. Cass turned a corner into another aisle and I followed with Gerard hot on my heels and Mikey one step behind him.

“What are you lo-” I try to ask before suddenly Cassie stops right in front of me. What happen next was like human dominos. I ran into Cass and we went down, Gerard fell on top of me and Mikey tripped over Gerard. We all crash into the ground in a range of ‘squeaking’ shoes, ‘yelps’ , ‘groans’ and ‘curses’. We sat on the cold shop floor for a moment while we regained our bearings and checked for injuries.

I hear Gerard groan as he sat up and placed a hand to his forehead.

“Is everyone still alive?” he asks lightly shaking his head, flicking his raven locks out of his eyes. I lay on my back for a moment looking up at the artificial white light above wondering how I ended up on my back. I see Cassie out of the corner of my eye as she sits up beside me with red cheeks of embarrassment and an awkward smile.

“Sorry, my bad.” She softly apologizes as she looks over her shoulder towards the direction of the Way brothers.

Wait…someone is missing.

I frown at the ceiling. I know Gerard is alive, I can see Cass but I haven’t heard Mikey.

“Crap! Where’s my phone?” I smile widely at the sound of Mikey’s voice reaching my ears.

Ok he’s alive.


Suddenly Gerard’s face is in front of mine, blocking the artificial light above. I flinch a little in surprise as he hovers over the top of me, his raven hair falling down both sides of his pale face, and I can’t stop myself from looking up at his thin pink lips as they curve into a sassy little smirk. I notice that his breath smells like coffee and mint. I’m thinking the mint is from his toothpaste.

God I wanna kiss him, I wanna taste that toothpaste and make him moan for me.

In the middle of a groceries store?

Ok…I need to control myself.

“Why are you smiling?” He asks grinning down at me, curiosity is dripping of every word and it just sounds so perfect coming from him. I look away from his lips to stare deeply into those hazel eyes of his. I swear I feel my heart nearly implode as butterflies bash into the walls of my stomach.

He’s so beautiful.

“Mikey’s alive.” I answer honestly, because that is the reason I was smiling. Gerard cocks his head to one side and raises and eyebrow at me with a mixture of amusement and concern. I just look up at him blankly, trying to stop myself from grabbing his hips and claiming his lips that are just a few inches away from mine. I can almost feel the tender skin pressed against mine, I subconsciously lick my lips.

Shit control yourself.

“Ok. You alright Frankie? Like you didn’t hurt your back or anything?” He asks.

He’s so sweet and caring.

It makes me feel important and special. I watch his eyes as he looks over my lips and I know by the look in his hazel pools that he wants to kiss me too. I feel a buzzing sensation dominate my body at the thought of Gerard wanting me. In a dream-like state I look up at him and smirk.

“Yeah I’m alright.” I reply in an unintentional whisper. He leans in a few millimetres closer and whispers back so quietly I nearly didn’t even hear him.

“You’re so fucking adorable.” We both smirk at each other until we were interrupted by a cursing Mikey.

“Fuck, I can’t find it!” He sounds a little panicked.

“Chill Mikey, I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.” Cass tries to soothingly calm the younger Way. Gerard glances over his shoulder and I lift my head to look in the same direction as him. I see Mikey on all fours looking for his phone under the shelves, his ass up in the air. Cass is doing the exact same thing on the other side of the aisle helping the younger Way find this missing mobile.

How far could the phone have gone?

Maybe it disintegrated?

Maybe a ghost took off with it?

Maybe aliens abducted it?

While I’m thinking of impossible possibilities of what happen to Mikey’s cell phone Gerard turns his head to look up the aisle in the opposite direction of the Cass and Mikey. I notice an odd little smirk on his lips then faster than a flash of lightning his lips are on mine for less than a second. He breaks the millisecond kiss and stands up with the most satisfied grin slapped across his pale face and is holding out a hand to me.

I want to moan for more but I can’t seem to make a sound let alone move. I forget how to breathe as my heart goes crazy in my chest. My eyes are slightly wide in pleasurable shock as the butterflies bash even harder against the walls of my stomach, it feels like they are trying to break free and fill the air. there is a warm fuzzy sensation on my lips were his were and all I can do is beam like I’m on drugs as my eyelids begin to feel heavy and I can’t help but feel all giddy.

This just causes Gerard to grin wider in self-satisfaction.

“Haha!” Gerard quickly looks in the direction of his brother’s voice with a guilty expression while I try to remember how to breathe.

Fuck did he see us!

“I found it!” I hear Mikey’s triumphant voice fills the air. I may have panicked slightly at the thought of been caught by Mikey but it doesn’t break my dream-like trance Gerard has thrown me in with his amazing lips and stunning hazel eyes, his slick dark raven hair, sassy smirk on his pink lips, smooth pale skin and his lips and his lips and his lips and his lips and oh did I mention his lips?

FRANK SNAP OUT OF IT! You sound like a fucking broken record.

“See? I told you it would be around here somewhere, dude.” Cassie’s voice is just understandable as a wonderful sensation of pleasure surrounds and swallows me whole when Gerard turns his attention back to me with a relieved expression and a devilish grin, still holding a hand out intending to help me stand up but I can’t move due to the overwhelming sensation of pleasure that continues to dance on the end of every nerve inside of my short teenage body. I can only seem to grin like a Cheshire cat.

“Frankenstein are you ok, bro?” I see Cass stand on the opposite side of Gerard and look down at me with concern. I just giggle and nod my head. Gerard holds back his giggles as Cass remains looking concern.

“Did you hit you head or something.” Mikey asks refiring to my giggling as he walked with his head looking down at his phone towards Gerard and Cass who continue to look down at my giddy form.

Fuck I look like an idiot.

You look more like you’re on drugs.

Eh…whatever. Gerard kissed me.

I continue to giggle like I’m high. I feel my cheek blush a hot, bright red as they look down at me. Gerard is on the edge of braking out into a fit of giggles of his own. Cass looks at Gerard giving him a look that says ‘What did you do?’ as she folded her arms over her oversized ‘misfits’ hoodie. She’s knows he did something and that just makes me giggle harder and in a slightly higher pitch. Mikey is looking away from his mobile and looks at me like I’m a fucking dickhead.

Cass and Gerard both move down and hold on to one arm each as they try to help me to my feet. I’m still giggling every now and then. I have to lean on Gerard because my knees seem to have melted into useless mush. Mikey raises an eye brow at me.

Maybe I shouldn’t lean on Gerard.

“Do you think you should be going to school? Because to me it looks like you’ve lost our mind.” I sway and giggle then hiccup in response. Mikey narrowed his eyes and leaned in closer to me. I move back slightly confused as to what Mikey is doing.

“Are you drunk?” I’m not too sure if he’s joking or he actually thinks that I’m drunk. I shake my head and try to stop giggling. I keep my mouth shut but I can’t stop the sound. Mikey just rolls his eyes then goes back to been glued to his phone as he receives a text. Cass looks at me knowingly and I offer a awkward smile. Gerard makes the situation more awkward by running his hand up my spin causing a cold chill to spread over my skin in one of those shivers you get when you experience strong emotion.

I think it’s called Frisson.

I don’t give a fuck what it’s called…It feels so good.

Stop giggling like a crack pot.

I think to myself as I realise that I am giggling like a mental case again. Cass begins to giggle at my state and Geared can’t contain his laughter anymore. He softly shakes as he laughs and I giggle/laugh harder at the feeling. Mikey looks up at us from his mobile and tries to remain calm, cool and collected but after watching all three of us laughing and giggling for 3seconds he busts out laughing too, joining the club.

“WHAT’S SO FUNNY!” snaps a stern husky voice from behind Mikey at the end of the aisle, strongly contrasting against our joyful, childish giggles. We quickly stop our laughter (Well Gerard, Mikey and Cass stoped. I just tried to stop) at the sound of the harsh voice. I look past Mikey as he turns around to see the giant, bulky, biker-like shop keeper standing at the end of the lane with a filthy, disgusted, snide look glaring at the four of us.

“Sorry, my fault. I fell over.” I try to attempt to explain. The keeper just sighs and steps down the aisle towards us, his expression has softened slightly but he still looks intimidating.

“I don’t need you kids messing about in my shop.” He grows bitterly as he stops a few feet away from our group. “Either buy something or get to school.” He tells us in a grouchy manner. We all nod our heads in unison then Cass quickly turns to the shelf and picks up a four pack of ‘Red Bull’. The biker look-a-like watches her closely like he’s expecting her to try and hide the energy drink under her hoodie.

The bell on the automatic door signals the entrance of about three new people, we can’t actually see the door from here so I have no idea who just entered but I can hear the laughter of high school students. The shop keeper grunts then turns to march up the aisle.

Probably to shout at the new customers to leave their bags at the doors.

He got about half way up the aisle before Cass spoke up

“Umm, Sir?” she hesitated but waited for a response.

“What?” he snapped

“Where are your Skittles?” she asked sounding like she was in elementary school rather than a high school student. I smirk at her question as the shop keeper sighed.

“Next aisle, towards the front.” He answered with a tied voice. Cass smiles and thanks him before he continues to walk back to the cash register. He stops dead in his tracks as two boys entered the lane.

What the fuck?


One was tall and skinny the other was shorter and had a solid build. The shop keeper looked a little confused as he stares at the two boys.

“Leave your bags at the door.” He snaps but his voice gives away his confusion. I look at them both and notice that they didn’t even have any bags on them.

Yep the shop keeper is confused.

Do you blame him? Look at them.

I have to admit they were the most unique looking people I have ever seen.

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