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I can explain

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Hey beautiful people. Fist off I'm sorry I haven't updated lately, self-esteem and happy levels are very low at the moment. Just letting you guys know that I haven't forgotten about this story and I will continue it when I feel a bit better.

but during my off time i've been co-writing with a friend. so I'm most likely going to post that story on my account soon. the story line is her idea with a bit of my own input. I'm feeling really proud of the Ferard smut so far.

the story is 'I want your Bite' by 'killjoy247' who sent me an Email and asked for my help. here is the link to what she has written so far if you want to check it out.

ok it dose included Waycest (isn't normally my thing) but it's her story line. It's funny, sassy and sexy. as i said i'm really proud of the Ferard smut that i've written so far (but that's not updated yet).

as for 'Our Lips Touch' don't worry i will continue it, just taking a break. ok I think you've listen to me for long enough. So thanks. so long and good night, Killjoy out. .XOXO.
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