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29. Except for

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No one tells Frank-fucking-Iero what to do…Except for his mommy.

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I twitch my nose and snuggle deeper into my warm bed, trying to ignore the voice in my head.

Stupid motherfucker, shut the fuck up.


I frown in my sleep.

MMM…shut the fuck up I’m trying to sleep.

But there’s that noise…and you know what that noise means.

The annoying buzzing in the background gets louder as I drift out of my dreamy state and back into reality.

Noooooo! It can’t be morning yet?

It feels like I only just laid my head down on my pillow. Yesterday Gerard, Cassie and I sat around in the lounge room talking and joking around. It felt so good to just be with Gerard without worrying if we were been too obvious. Every now and then we would wonder into the kitchen to make coffee and snack on some cookies my mom made a few days ago.

While Cassie was making the coffees Gerard walked up behind me and gently snake his arms around my waist, he rested his head on my shoulder. I sighed happily and leaned back onto Gerard’s chest as he held me in his arms, I kissed his cheek and he kissed mine. We simply watched as Cassie navigated herself around my kitchen finding spoons, cups, sugar and the milk from the fridge.

Shed only been in my house for few hours and already knew where everything was, it was like she had lived here her whole life.

We felt so comfortable around Cass, Gee would hold my hand as Cassie told us the story of how she once walked in on her ex-principle doing push ups in his office. She told us that she never really had any close friends, Cass was friends with a lot of people but there was no one she was really close to.

She would smile at us sweetly and didn’t make a big fuss about us been on top of each other the whole time. Cassie was telling us about how her Uncle owns this own styling shop that dose piecing’s, tattoos and haircuts, I think it was called ‘Razor’s cut’, when Mikey knocked on my door looking for Gerard after school. We introduced him to Cass and she didn’t even give Mikey a hint that Gerard and I were dating.

We continue talking about any random stuff until my mom came home and Mrs Way called for her boys to go home, Cass left at the same time as the Way brothers.

The alarm is calling you Frank

The sound was clear now and seemed never-ending.

It can leave a massage, I’m sleeping.

I think to myself as I roll over and hide my head under my pillow in a lame attempt to ignore the beeping, buzzing sound.

But what about school? What about Cassie? We’re meant to be walking her to school…it’s her first day you know?

Yes I know! It’s her first day but my bed is so nice and just wonderful.

I smile smugly, still trying to fall back to sleep.

Gerard’s going to be there.

“I’M UP!” With that thought I jump up out of my bed, sending my pillow flying up in the air. I fall back down within seconds face first into a pile of my old comic books.


I lift my head away from the image of batman face.

I love ya batman but not like that.

I turn my head to look at my legs to find that my blanket has curled around my foot and warped around my legs. I blink at my tangled up legs in my blanket.

Did you see that? That blanket just tripped me! Stupid mother fuck.

Three days in a row you can’t get out of bed without injuring yourself in some way…what is wrong with you?

Shut up! At least I didn’t wake up cuddling my shoe this morning.

After kicking wildly around like some spastic I manage to free my legs from the grips of my blanket and pick myself up. I check to see if I broke anything, I wiggle my fingers then my toes and stretch my back.

Nope. Just a slight aching pain in my back but I seem to be all in one piece.

Yeah but for how long?

You’re pessimistic.

And you’re a drama queen.

You know what? I’m not going to have a fight with myself…so shut up.

Yeah, yeah whatever. Go have a shower.

No one tells Frank-fucking-Iero what to do!

“Frank! Are you going to school today? Because if you are GET UP AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL!” My mother’s sweet voice booms through the house from down stairs.

“OKAY MOM!” I yell back at my closed door, hoping she’ll hear me.

No one tells Frank-fucking-Iero what to do…Except for his mommy.

Except for my mommy.

I smirk at my thoughts than leave my hazardous room to go take a shower and get ready for school.

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