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28. Cute couple

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“You see the reason why Frank’s on the ground is because he believes the world is out to get him."

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Oh fuck.

Oh shit.

Gerard is still holding me against the wall by the hips just staring at the random girl standing outside the lounge room doorway looking a little bit awkward. I look up at him silently, we’re both still panting softly. My heart feels like it is face palming itself repeatedly and hard.

I feel stupid.

Gerard’s Raven hair shields his stunning hazel eyes and appears disordered from my once entangled fingers that are now holding on to his arms. His cheeks are a very rosy colour of embarrassment that strongly contrasts against his pale complexion.

He looks so cute! His expression is similar to that of a deer caught in the headlights of a truck.

I close my eyes wishing that this awkward moment wasn’t happing. I let out this squeak/whimper as I slid down the wall, pulling my knees close to my chest and hide my face in my hands.

Fuck! Cassie is going to run a mile. Shit what if she tells everyone, she’s going to Belleville High! My life is over! Fuck!

You’re a fucking drama queen, you know that?

Shut up.

I was too indulged in my thoughts that I didn’t notice that Gerard was kneeling in front of me with a comforting hand on my shoulder. I look up from my hands to see his stunning hazel eye shining with sympathy and love. He leans in and whispers in my ear.

“It’s ok Frankie.” He tries to reassure me by delicately kissing just under my ear. I can’t help but softly smile at the feeling of his lips on my skin but I also feel self-conscious knowing that Cassie is just a few feet away, watching.

“Hi…again.” Cassie says cheerfully as she timidly moves forward towards us. She nervously rubs the back of her neck and stands with her toes pointing slightly inward.

She reminds me of Mikey for a moment.

“Since Frankenstein down there is not going to introduce us,” she started and sicks a hand out to Gerard “I’m Cassie, I just moved in with my Uncle next door.” She specks fast like she’s scared Gerard is going to just walk away.

Gerard looks up at her for a moment then shakes her fingerless gloved hand as he stands back up. He appears to be over the whole awkwardness on the situation.

I wish I was able to recover that fast.

“I’m Gerard.” He softly smiles, showing his small teeth. He then looks down at me questioningly “Frankenstein?” he asks me raising one eyebrow. I hold my knees tightly out of nerves and just look up at him like a lost puppy.

Cassie shifts awkwardly on her feet with concern and confusion dominating her expression. “Umm…did I do something wrong?” she asks nervously glancing between Gerard and me. Gerard looks at me asking with his eyes ‘can I explain the situation?’ all I have to do is nod once and Gerard gets straight into it. He turns back to Cassie and started talking to her with such ease.

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” He starts off with then stops for a moment to think “actually I did something wrong.” He grins sweetly and tries to brush his raven hair with his hands. “I should have asked if anyone was here but instead I kinda just lost control.”

He nervously half laughs “you see Frankie hasn’t answered his phone and I was worried because he was attacked yesterday.”

Cassie just nods her head once and gives me a knowing look then looks back at Gerard I can’t help but look at him too with parted lips and a dazed expression.

It’s all just so easy for him to explain.

“You see Frankie and I have had crushes on each other for a while and only hooked up,” he stopped to rethink his choice of words “we’ll ‘hooked up’ feels like the wrong words to say, it makes it sound cheap and emotionless.” He declares. Cassie and I just stare at him in bewilderment.

It’s like he’s just talking to himself.

“We only started dating yesterday.” He grins proudly to himself then continues “Frankie’s not ready to tell people, like his mom, my parent, my brother, our friends,” he lists the names off using his hands as he talked. It was cute and kind of mesmerizing….for me anyway but that might just be because he’s my boyfriend and everything he does is cute to me.

I love him.

I dopey smirk sneaks up onto my lips and I feel a little more relaxed now.

“So we said that we would keep our relationship a secret till he was ready.” He huffs out half a laugh then continues “Bob caught us making out so he knows and you also caught us making out so you know too.” He sighs then looks at me on the ground, his eyes asked ‘how was that?’ I just smile up at him.

He turns to look back at Cassie who was listening with a sympathetic look.

“You see the reason why Frank’s on the ground is because he believes the world is out to get him and his worried that you might be homophobic, trust me you will not believe how many people can be so closed minded, especially at our school.” He adds.

Cassie just looks at Gerard, she looks a little lost.

“Cassie can we trust you to not tell anyone that Frankie and I are dating?” Gerard asks looking a little unsure of what cassie's reaction is going to be.

You can visually see something click in Cassie’s head and she smiles a great big, sweet, innocent smile.

“Oh I can do that!” she chirps “Trust me I’m so far from homophobic. I’m all for gay pride and shit.” Then she cracks her head to the side and just looks for a moment.

“Wait right there. Don’t move.” she instructed using her hands to emphasize the fact that she didn’t want us to move then turns around on her heels and ran in to the lounge room. I look up at Gerard while he looks down and we both shrug our shoulders, oblivious as to why we’re not allowed to move. Within seconds she was back carrying her camera.

She took one look at Gerard’s ‘What the fuck are you doing’ expression and she explained “Don’t worry, no one else will see these pics but you, me and Frankenstein down there. Unless you wanna show other people, but that's up to you. If you really want me too I can delete them.” she smiled “I have this thing where I just take these random photos.” she clarified waited for Gerard’s response which was just a simple shrug of the shoulders.

“Just act natural.” Cassie instructed and took some photos standing up then knelt down on one knee, she moved back and then forward.

I was still slumped on the ground with my back against the wall and my hands griped on top of my knees that where pulled up towards my chest. Gerard had his body facing towards me, standing in-between my feet with his messy, raven hair shielding his face and hands in his hoodies pockets. I look up at him, half my fringe in my eyes and a shy smile dominating my tender lips. Gerard shears my smile as he looks down at me, his eye screaming out in love and lust for me. Oh my heart jumps and twirls in my chest. Silently I think to myself.

I never want his feeling to go away. I love him so much.

I just keep on feeling my heart throb and try to focus on breathing.

Yes let’s keep breathing today, let’s not have any near deaths…yes? good.

“The whole lighting in this room and the contrast of height really makes this image look so cool” Cassie explained with enthusiasm “and just the expressions on both your faces tell such a great story, it’s really captivating.” She beamed as she stood back up looking over her latest photos on the small view screen.

“Well, a photo shoot was the last thing I was expecting when I came here.” Gerard announced as he held a hand out to me. Cassie quickly looked up from her camera to flash a smile at Gerards remark than looked back down.

“And seriously Frankenstein you can trust me. I won’t tell anyone.” She promised while still looking down at her camera. I stand next to Gerard then Cassie lifts her head to look at both me and Gee.

“By the way,” she starts and waits a moment “You two are such a cute couple.” She winked then walked back into the lounge room without waiting for our response.

Gerard slips his velvet hand into mine and we entwined our fingers. I look down at our enclosed hands then back up at his pale face. He softly smiles and gently kisses me on the lips.

“Didn’t Bob say the same thing yesterday?” I ask in a daze after the small kiss.

Fuck this boy has such an effect on me, one kiss and I’m in a daze.

“Yeah, but you know what?” He asks in a hush tone.

“What?” we look up the empty hallway.

“We are a cute couple.” He smiles warmly then drags me up the hall toward the lounge room while still holding my hand tightly.

And you know what?


I never want to let him go.

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