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27. Ummm Hi

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“Umm did you take a photo of me through the kitchen window?”

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I don’t even know how to reply to those texts massages, which have brought my world with Gerard tumbling down, so instead I leave my phone in the middle of my bed and wonder miserably outside my room to the bathroom. I grab a towel and head straight towards the shower, in the hopes it will not only soothe my bruises but my mind as well.

Lyn-z is back, Lyn-z is back, why is Lyn-z back? I thought she left to go to that stupid school on the other side of town?

I ponder over my thoughts as I turn the water on and strip off my clothes. Before I step into the shower I look over my form in the mirror, the bruise looks worse than they feel. I turn around to have a good look at my back, the bruises there are darker and the skin around my shoulders is very red and angry looking. I frown at my image then step under the running water. I fiddle with the tempter making it slightly cooler than I normally would because the doctor said the cold would help speed up the recovery.

My mom must have already left for work, I don’t even know what time it is.

The cold, fresh water washes over my damaged skin and carries away some of the discomfort. I sigh sadly to myself and rest my fore head on the cold, white tiles as the crystal clear water runs down my back and drips off my face. I try not too but all I can think of is Gerard and Lyn-Z.

They were ‘The couple’. Everyone thought that they would end up married and live together forever like in some stupid Disney movie. They were the high schools sweet hearts and they were never called just ‘Gerard’ or just ‘Lny-Z’ it was always ‘Gerard and Lny-Z’ or ‘Lny-Z and Gerard’. They had been going out since the start of high school. They were always on top of each other and were not afraid to display affection in public. I never really understood the reason why it annoyed me so much till I discovered that I maybe liked Gerard more than a friend.

They only broke up less than a year ago because her father had gotten a new job and had to move to the other side of town. Gerard and she both agreed that they didn’t want to have a long distance relationship so they broke up. Sure they texted each other once and a while but she was too far away to visit often.

I sigh again and turn the taps off, instantly stopping the comforting flow of water and leaving me to feel exposed as it washes down the drain. Quickly I wrap the towel around my waist then lean forward on the sink to look closely at the yellowy black, chunky ring on the flesh around my neck. I softly dust my fingers over the dark marks.

I can’t help but smile stupidly at the memory of yesterday when Gee’s hot breath caressing the flesh of my neck as he called me ‘sugar’. He use to only call Lny-Z ‘sugar’. The smile falls fast off my face at the thought of Lny-Z but then I just feel bad because she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Great! Not only am I losing my boyfriend but I can’t even be angry at the person who took him away from me!

It didn’t even last one day!

I know. Oh what I would do to just feel his lips on my mine.

After I’ve finished investigating the bruises around my throat I dry myself off and throw on any random clean clothes I could find in my room.

I really should do a load of washing.

How about you actually clean your room?

Ummmm, No. I’m too lazy.

I end up wearing my ripped up, light blue jeans and a plain red shirt. I don’t bother to brush my hair or apply eyeliner.

I am not going anywhere.

Once I’m finished getting dressed I leave my bedroom as my phone goes on ignored, it buzzes and sounds trying to get my attention almost pleading for my touch but I just keep on walking.

You know it’s Gerard, the boy you love, don’t you think you should answer it?

I don’t know what to say.

Ignoring Gerard is not going to make Lny-Z disappear.

Shhhh a boy can hope!

I go down stairs to make some of that honey and lemon tea for my throat. I stare out the kitchen window in a daze not really focusing on anything specific as I wait for the water to boil. I was happily minding my own business gazing off into space when suddenly a figure outside the window jumps into my view with a giant grin on their face, waving one of their hands enthusiastically while holding a professional looking camera in the other. Before I even register what is happening I jump back with fright, knocking over an empty coffee cup as they take a picture.

I stumble backward and land hard on my ass as the cup smashes on the ground.

Ouch and shit! not another mug.

What the fuck just happen?

I wobble back up on my feet, grasping the bench for support, as I try to find the mysterious figure that appeared out of nowhere but as I look out the kitchen window there is no sign of them. All I see is the neighbours carrying cardboard boxes inside their house.

I wonder if they just seen what happen.

I’m leaning over the sink trying to see more of the outside world when the doorbell rings causing me to flinch and wipe around with a fright.

Fuck! Who’s that!

Calm down Frankie-boy. I think you’ve been watching too many horror movies.

Curiously and cautiously I carefully wonder down the hallway over towards the front door. I go to reach for the door handle when the bell sounds again causing me to jump.

For fuck sakes it fucking day time.

I would say no more horror movie but we both know that will never happen.

I open the door slowly and am greeted with the flash of a camera. I cling to the door as I am now blinded and a bit freaked out.

What the Fuck is happening!

“Oh shit! I’m sorry.” The kind voice seems to be apologetic but I still have no idea who it is.

I blink a couple of time before I even try to focus on the figure standing in the door way. I finally gain my sight back and stare at the girl who is wearing worn-out, darken jeans and an blue, unbuttoned, checkered, lumber jack shirt with a black shirt underneath that has a giant white ‘Misfits’ logo printed on it. A striped black and white scarf covers her neck with a matching black and white striped beanie that fails to tuck away a few strands of ultra violet hair. Her outfit is completed with black fingerless gloves, big, black biker boots and a heavy looking camera hanging from her neck.

Wow this girl is her own person. I like it!

You only like her because she is wearing a ‘Misfits’ shirt.

I must have been staring off into space because she suddenly starts to wave a hand franticly in front of my face.

“Yo dude? Are you alright? I didn’t like send you into some kind of weird trance with the flash of the camera did I?” she then looks down at her camera with concern and mutters to herself.

“Shit! I knew the flash was too bright, stupid thing. How do I turn the flash down?” she holds the device closer to her frowning face and continues to mutter to herself, it’s almost like she is forgetting that she is standing on my doorstep.

“Can I even turn the flash down? I know I can turn it off but not sure about the intensity of the flash.” She stops muttering to herself as she freezes and moves her eyes to look at me then blushes with an embarrassed grin and rubs the back of her head.

“Hee hee, sorry I’m Cassie by the way.” She holds a fingerless gloved hand out for me to shake which I do after looking at it for a moment, a little puzzled as to why she was on my doorstep muttering to herself about the intensity of her camera.

“Ahhh…I’m Frank.” I say slightly unsure of what to do next. She lets go of my hand and smiles a friendly smile.

“Sweet!” Cassie exclaims “I totally love that name! It reminds me of Frankenstein.” She informs me. I half laugh at her enthusiasm and smile a crooked smile back at her.

“Do you mind?” She asks holding up the camera referring to ‘if she could take another photo or not’. I shrug my shoulders in response and Cassie accepts that as a ‘yes’. She smiles happily and takes my picture. Thankfully I’m prepared this time and am not blinded by the flash. She looks down at the view screen as a satisfied smile dominates her smooth face.

“That’s a keeper.” She states as she hold the camera out for me to see. I look down to see myself with a crooked smile, my black hair sticking out in all different directions and bruises surrounding my neck. I look as Cassie like she’s gone loopy.

How is that photo a keeper?

Don’t ask me! Ask her…and while you’re at it ask her what the fuck she’s doing here?

“Arr how’s that a keeper?” I ask feeling stupid. She just softly smiles.

“Because it’s natural and real.” She pauses for a moment to look at her feet. “and not to sound creepy or anything…” She looks back up at me “but you kinda have a cute crooked smile.” I just blink at her and she gives me this odd look “I’m not flirting with you by the way, I’m just telling you what I see.”

I smile at her bluntness then fuse my eyebrows together with confusion “Umm did you take a photo of me through the kitchen window?”

The girl smiles a cheeky grin “I’ll tell you if you let me come in.”

I know that you’re not meant to let strangers (And I think this girl is as strange as they come) into your house but there was just something about her that I felt like I could trust her. So I stepped aside and opened the door for her to walk in.

She smiles and puts her gloved hands into the pockets of her jeans as she stepped past me and into my home. I close the door behind her and turn around to see her facing me.

“Yes.” She simple says. Confusion must have been written on my face because she clarified what she meant.

“I did take a photo of you through your kitchen window.” The girl smiles sweetly waiting for me to say or do something so I lead her into the kitchen.

“I just moved in with my Uncle and his wife next door.” Cassie explained as she sat on the bench and I cleaned up the broken coffee cup as the water in the judge boiled again.

“Oh, I’ve never seen you around before.” I say in a slightly raspy voice as I turn awkwardly around to face her “Umm, you want coffee or something? I have tea and I think there is some soft drink in the fridge or I have water?”

She giggles at my awkwardness then smiles.

She smiles a lot.

“I’ll take a coffee please if it’s on offer.” She said swinging her legs off the edge like a little kid. She almost seems shy but full of confidence at the same time.

“So you’re now living next door?” I ask trying to figure out if this was a permanent move or only temporary.

“Yep! My school closed down and my mother was offered a job all the way over in the UK or somewhere but I didn’t want to leave NJ, I mean sure there is a lot of crime and it’s dirty with a fair bit of pollution but this is my home and I know people here, It’s where my dad grew up.”

“Fair enough. So what school did you use to go to and where are you going to attend now?” I ask reaching for two coffee mugs as the water was nearly finished boiling.

I reckon she’s going to say Belleville High. My school.

“I use to go to the high school on the other side of town. ‘Saint Vinnies High’.

I nearly drop the cups as the name left her lips.

Holy shit, that’s were Lny-Z went!

Well at least we know why Lny-Z is back.

The school closed, and ruined my relationship with Gerard. Stupid school!

“So you’re going to Belleville High now?” I ask trying to distract my mind from thoughts of Gerard.

“Yep, do you go there?” Cassie asked in a peppy tone. I place the mugs on the bench and flash her a smile.

“Yeah.” I simply answer and she beams with joy.

“Great!” she exclaims “At least I’ll have one friend.” I lean back wards on the bench with my arms folded casually across my chest as she looks shyly at her boots “That’s if you wanna be my friend.” She quietly add. I can’t help but smile at this strange girl sitting on my kitchen bench.

“Sure, why not?” I smile brightly and she grins back at me.

“I can delete the photos if you want me to.” She said softly looking down at the chunky camera in her lap. I smile and shake my head carelessly.

“It doesn’t bother me.” I say, smoothing out my wild hair remembering how crazy it looked in the photo “I mean, it’s not like I’m naked or doing anything personal. I just probably look like a dick-head.”

“I don’t think you look like a dick-head.” She tells me honestly.

I smile at her as I respond with a “Thanks.”

I make myself a lemon and honey tea and Cassie a coffee as we share small talk about changing schools.

“Hey! Can I ask you a question?” she asks jumping off the bench and taking her coffee as we move to the lounge room.

“You just did.” I smile at her as she pokes her tongue at me and rolls her eyes. I giggle at her and she giggles at my giggle then it’s just a crazy circle of giggles and we both giggle at each-others giggles.

Finally we calm ourselves down with only the occasional giggle here and there.

“Okay, as I was saying before,” she starts up again as we sit down on the lounge. I just nod my head and take a sip of tea.

“What happen to your neck?” she asks holding the fresh cup of coffee with both hand and taking a sip.

“Oh that? Well…”

I go on to tell her about the incident between Eric and myself. I start by telling her about Vic then carry on till the moment Gerard came and got me. By the time I finished telling her the story we were nearly finished our drinks.

Cassie shook her head with disgrace. “Fucking homophobes.” She muttered into her cup as she finished off her coffee.

I then told her that I didn’t tell the police that it was Eric. She gawked at me for a moment then managed to ask me ‘why’ with such disbelief. I somehow managed to explain that I felt bad and I also had a feeling that there was some other things going on in Eric’s personal life, she seemed to understand and promised that she wouldn’t tell anyone.

We continued to carry on chatting away about music and movies. Turns out she is a major horror movie fan and has a massive collection of DVDs. She is into the same kind of music as me and the others. She loves taking photos of everything and anything. She told me that her and her mom don’t have a good relationship and that she is so excited about starting at a new school.

We were just starting to talk about school subjects when the doorbell rang. I fused my eyebrows together in confusion wondering who it was. I glanced up at the clock on the wall and discovered the time was only 12pm.

“Wait here and I’ll go see who it is.” I smiled at Cassie and she just nodded happily at me.

I walk to the door and open it to see the boy of my dreams standing there puffing out of breath and with red cheeks.


I scream happily to myself.

“Did you run?” I asked confused as to why he wasn’t at school. Don’t get me wrong I’m so happy on the inside I could just explode into rainbows and glitter. Gee bends over and places his hands on his knees.

“Give me a moment.” He puffs. I just smile stupidly as I look down at him. He’s wearing black jeans (not skinny jeans, just normal jeans) and a black zip up hoodie with some random design on the front. Gerard finally catches his breathe and stands up straight and smiles at me.

“What are you doin’ here?” I ask happily as I pushing the door wide open for him to come in.

“You won’t answer your phone.” He states like it’s the most obvious answer in the world as he walk through the door and hugs me in a tight embrace. “I was worried” He whispered into my ear, his warm breath making me feel butterfly’s in my stomach.

Oh god yes! He smells like coffee and cigarettes.

He lets me go and shuts the front door. He than quickly turns back to me.

“How you feeling? Are you sore?” He asks with concern, his eyes watching me.

“No actually I feel pretty good.” I answer truthfully and Gee’s expression shows relief as he smiles widely.

“Is your mom home?” he ask me quickly like he needs to know the answer right that second.

“No, why?” I ask a little confused as to why he wanted to know if my mom was here. Gerard doesn’t answer me but instead gently grabs my hips and pulls me close to him. His lips claim mine in a lust filled kiss. Gerard’s movements are so full of passion and lust that I get swept up and carried away in the lust and need for him. I grip onto the back of his hoodie and he moves one hand to the back of my neck pushing me deeper into the kiss while his other slides down my back and over my ass. Our tongues battle for dominance.

Gently he pushes me into the wall as he sucks my tongue, the sensation makes me moan in his mouth. Thing become more intense and heated as he slides his hand away from my neck to lift me up. I wrap my legs tightly around his waist just above his hip as he strokes and rubs my thighs. We softly grind our hips together causing me to gasp and him to groan. I move my hands to tangle them in his black raven hair. The kiss turns sloppy but it's still passionate, he licks and suck my bottom lip until I pull away to only come back and bite his lip. I slid my tongue along the smooth flesh then kiss him in a strong rough kiss, pushing my self as close to him as possible.

I can feel him against the inside of my thigh and can't hold back my moan as he bucks his hips forward. My heart Beats crazily in my chest and we both start panting, releasing more tiny moans and groans every now and again.

He moans quietly into my mouth while our lips move in sync with each other. Gerard brakes the kiss to make a trail of hot, moist kissed down my throat. Carefully he lick my bruised skin then moved down to my collar bone and gently nips at the tender flesh. He rocks his hips into mine and I grip just a little bit tighter onto his hair and lift his head back up so I can kiss him like my life depended on it. I bite his bottom lip again and he squeezes my upper thighs. I thrust my tongue past his soft lips and lick the roof of his mouth causing him to shiver and rock just that little bit harder into my hips.

We kiss with such heated passion a few more times before he moves his lips along my jaw line and tenderly kisses just under my ear. I feel his small teeth pinch the soft skin gently. I gasp with pleasure and drag my teeth along his jaw with the occasional bite here and there. I move down to his neck and bite the pale skin harder causing him to tense and grip almost painfully tight on my upper thighs. I kiss and lick his neck making him moan and shiver with pleasure as we continue to grid our hips together causing arousing friction.

“Ummm HI!”

I nearly jump out of my skin as I remembered that Cassie was still here. Gerard nearly drops me but luckily half catches me and gently put me back down as he just stared at the random odd looking girl in my house.

Holy fuck this is awkward!

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