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26. The text

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From:Gee~Frankie baby, plz say something.~ From:Gee~ Frankie? Plz. this doesn’t change anythin’ I promise. I Love U.~

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Ok good mood gone, vanished, deleted, destroy, disintegrated, disappeared, erased, abolish, fragmented, departed, extinct, obliterated, removed, terminate, crumbled, wiped out, expunged, eliminate, disjointed…..I can’t think of anymore words.

I drop my phone off the side of the bed and bury my face into the mattress and covered my head with both my arms as I try to hide away from the world, from the text, from Gerard.

This sucks!

I can’t believe it.


My dreams came true when Gerard and I agreed we were dating but now this changes everything.

I groan deeply and viciously bite down hard on my bed in anger.

“WWWHHHHHYYYYYY????” I scream into the mattress causing my throat to flare out in heated pain.

That fucking stupid text.

I hear my phone buzz from the floor, calling me, wanting my attention but I can’t give it the responsiveness it wants, I don’t want to even think about looking at it.

It’s not the phones fault.

I sigh sadly and shift my body so that I’m hanging half off my bed and reach down to pick up the small, innocent, neglected phone.

“I’m sorry it’s not your fault.” I whispered hoarsely.

In response it vibrates and buzzes as another text comes through. I look at my inbox, all from Gerard who is probably freaking out that I’m not responding. I sigh and open the second massage.

From: Gee~Frankie baby, plz say something.~

I just frown at the screen then open the third massage.

From: Gee~ Frankie? Plz. this doesn’t change anythin’ I promise. I Love U.~

I scoff at the words on the lit up screen.

’Doesn’t change anything’ my ass. This changes everything.

I just know it will. I Sigh deeply and reopen the first massage, the one that broke my heart.

From:Gee~Lyn-Z is back.~

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